Hear what some of our clients have to say about Podfly!

I wanted to take this time to say thank you to Podfly. They’ve been there from the very beginning and took care of me during my stressful launch phase. They were able to explain on every level, what needed to happen in order to get a podcast launched, and make it good quality. And their editing is amazing. It’s without a doubt, the top of the industry, and really affordable for what they offer. I tried editing myself, and although I could learn, it’s still a very cumbersome and time consuming task. So instead I leverage the expertise of the professionals and use my time for marketing and other work to improve and grow my business. Here’s a big thank you to the team at Podfly!
— Ryan Thomas, Co-Host of Modern SexTalks
in the white-hot world of podcasting, having state-of-the art partners is paramount—Podfly is the “Professionals Choice”—we recommend them highly!”——Jim Nico, CEO/Founder http://TheSocialNetworkStation.com or The Social Network Station®
Starting the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast was overwhelming. The sound editing part of the process seemed very time consuming and almost derailed the whole project. Hiring the team at Podfly was the smartest thing I did in launching my show. They not only helped educate me on the “how to’s” of podcasting, but they took on the parts that was too time consuming and scary. Now I get to record the shows, and they seamlessly make the rest happen.
— Thom Singer, CSP Encouraging "Cooperative Significance" Every Day
I’ve been using the Podfly commercial service to produce radio ads and have to say they are the best! These guys turn a script into a professional ad spot in less than a day. We are now migrating all our clients over to their services for commercial production.
— R.Yan, Overseas Ventures LLC
Podfly has made podcasting a breeze! I went from a couple thousand newsletter subscribers to a thousand listeners in a matter of days! Thank you Podfly!
— Ilene Little, Traveling 4 Health
The team at Podfly have been amazing. They took my ideas for a radio network and turned it into a profitable business in less than a month.
— M.N. Andrews, Republican Talk Radio
I had no idea how to produce a professional sounding podcast before I contacted Podfly. The producers and engineers helped me put together a show that sounds incredible, has lots of listeners, and really stands apart from the pack.
— Ayn Codina, 7 On The Line
We handed all 25 of our online radio shows over to the production team at Podly. They now produce our content, distribute our podcasts, create commercials for clients, manage our stream and most importantly save us THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a month! Now we’re working with them on creating premium content in the a custom store for hosts to monetize their shows. These guys are the best!
— D.J. Gregerson, Overseas Radio Network
Doing a podcast with Podfly has converted tire-kickers to clients overnight. Worth every penny.
— A.W. Wood, Global TESOL College
The folks at Podfly helped me expand my vertical brand and reach by letting my readers become listeners. The level of reader engagement has doubled and we now have a very direct, intimate conversation with our followers. Podcasting has changed our business model completely.
— Dan Stevens, The Costa Rican Times