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Podfly Studio Lite® and Podfly Studio Pro®


What are we doing?

Podfly is working overtime to develop software and mobile apps for our clients.  As seasoned podcasters ourselves, we continue to find there is a growing need for an easy-to-use program to get your podcast recorded and published.


Who is it for?

There are so many great applications and programs for making home movies, editing photos, and starting your own blog, but where is the app for podcasting?  Today many applications for podcasting are complicated to use and practically require a degree in audio engineering!  Let alone having to create your own RSS feed, submitting descriptions and tags...yikes!  Confused yet?  So are we!

The Podfly Studio and Podfly Studio Pro applications are for normal folks who want to focus on just doing great shows - not learning to be audio producers.

When can I get it?

Podfly Studio and Podfly Studio Pro are slated for beta release in September 2014.  Our Podfly clients will be invited to be beta testers to be sure we have a flawless, simple, and elegant solution for anyone, and we mean anyone, to have a podcast!



And...Podfly Mobile®

If you're interested in becoming and Alfa or Beta tester please fill out the form below and our dev team will get back to you right away!

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