professional quality audio editing

Here are just a handful of examples of shows that we produce on a daily basis. We help you pick the right equipment, we coach you in your show format and microphone technique, and then we take your audio and produce it to broadcast quality standards. With our in-house staff of certified audio engineers, we apply professional-grade noise reduction, compression, equalization, leveling and a whole bunch of other super awesome technical coolness to make every second of your show stand out. 



Original intros, music, and audio branding


"The First 20 Seconds count!”

Our creative team and voice over artists produce a wide array of “audio branding” intros and outros, ranging from light-hearted, low intensity pieces, to punchy, sizzling impact attention-grabbers, with fully licensed backing music for podcasters.


detailed Show Notes

Podfly has an in-house staff of copywriters. Our copy team writes show notes for many of our clients, to provide listeners with at-a-glance overviews of show topics, and deeper dives into the subjects covered, resources, and followup .

Show notes from Podfly for your RSS feed (and to post on your website) includes:

  • Compelling show title (Apple Podcasts® Compliant and Optimized)

  • Subtitle

  • Descriptive paragraph

  • Time-stamped key takeaways

  • Links and mentions

  • "Tweetables" and episode pull quotes