Why should I have a podcast?



Audience Growth

Having a podcast gives you a new way to engage and expand your market reach.  With an exponentially expanding array of businesses and entrepreneurs using this technology to find new audiences for their products and services, podcasting is fast-becoming a standard on many websites, in newsletters, and marketing strategies.


Anyone who’s anyone has a podcast these days. And they’re finding millions of listeners.
— USA Today

Generate Leads.  Add To Your Customer Pipeline

Podcasts are a great way to develop more interactive relationships.  Listeners can spend hours listening to your insights, have faith in your opinion, and become loyal followers.  These new listeners tend to subscribe to your marketing materials, follow your social media posts, and directly contact show hosts for further information about the content in their programs.




Powerful Networking

Many podcasts have industry leaders as guests and panelists on their programs.  Contacting a company or individual to be a guest on your show is a fantastic way to develop an immediate, trustworthy, and intimate business relationship.  These guests then tend to share their experiences within their professional and personal networks, expanding your audience and credibility.


Our culture is so niche-oriented now, you don’t need 3 million people to listen to your podcast, if 10,000 people listen, which isn’t a hard number to achieve, then 10,000 people listen to your podcast. You can do something with that, you can build a community, and literally change the world, just recording into a recorder.
— Jeff Harwick


Instant Authority

Beyond blogging and press releases, podcasting can make you an instant authority in your field.  The best and the brightest in many areas of business are now adopting podcasting as the premiere platform to get their message heard.  Imagine, for an hour or more every week, thousands of people are literally putting your message directly in their ears!





Evergreen Content

A powerful aspect of podcasts is a back catalog of relevant programming – available forever.  As you build your episode releases, new subscribers often download every single show from the very first to the most recent.  This means that programs recorded weeks, months, even years ago will still be sought out and consumed. 


“I wasn’t sure my audience would be up for it, but shockingly, they really love it. It proves the next generation is excited about long-form content.”
— Shane Dawson

Powerful Connections

Podcasters quickly develop respect and loyalty in their industry as their audience grows.  These new connections rapidly branch into new opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to forge using traditional contact methods.  In an Internet dependent business world where credibility and trust are essential, making connections with like-minded thought leaders in your field through conversations is an incredibly powerful tool.



Web Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often referred to as "a black art."  Many companies and bloggers spend thousands of dollars each month into this tactic – with questionable results.  The best way to get the attention of search engines is to have:

  • Frequently updated, original content
  • Others sources linking to your site
  • Audio, video, and images relevant to the textual content

Having a podcast beautifully covers all three!  With your latest show appearing on several websites and directories with great key word descriptions, guests and social media sites linking to your programs, and an HTML5 audio player on your page, you are already a step ahead of any SEO technique!