Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Podfly?

A: Podfly is the easiest way to have a high-quality podcast with professional production for an incredible price.

Q: Why do people use a professional production service instead of doing it themselves?

A: Podfly takes the time and headache out of creating your own podcast. Our production team sets you up with the right equipment, training, and guidance to ensure you sound amazing. We do all the heavy lifting and technical work so you can focus on great content and growing your audience.

Q: What are some of the benefits you offer?



A:  Our Benefits and Features include:

  • Experienced podcast and radio production team

  • Free, customizable HTML5 player for your website or blog

  • Fast, responsive, boutique-level client service from a friendly team

  • Automatic submission to the iTunes Store, Stitcher, and other podcast and online radio directories - so your show is easy to find.

  • Easy-to-use host login to check stats, submit titles and descriptions, and more...

Q: How much is the initial investment? Do I need to sign a contract or is there a setup fee?

A: Podfly offers our services at a flat rate, right “out of the box”. We believe that you’ll be so impressed with our service that we waive any setup fees and do not ask you to sign a contract.


  • No setup fees. Your intro and outro, producer guidance, and training videos are included in the monthly fee.

  • No long-term commitments. Cancel your account at any time.

Q: Does Podfly offer any other programs other than the monthly plan?

A: Podfly works with a variety of clients with very specific needs. We handle everything from editing “one-off” shows, to recording entire audiobooks. The monthly plans are simply our most popular service for those looking to have a professionally produced and distributed weekly podcast.

Q: Who does Podfly work with?

A: Our clients are wide-ranging. We work with terrestrial radio stations who convert their broadcasts to podcasts. We have a large number of individual clients who are both professional podcasters and hobbyists in a very diverse range of show topics. We also work with online radio stations and podcast networks servicing dozens of weekly and daily programs.

Basically, if you have a need for a podcast, audiobook, radio commercial, voice over work...anything audio, Podfly does it and does it extremely well.

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