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Podfly Featured Client  -  Business For Superheroes Podcast


Podfly Featured Client - Business For Superheroes Podcast

Vicky Fraser it the author of Business For Superheroes, a book on how she grew her business to six figures in six months. Vicky lays out the raw truth in her book on how she wanted to quit, but went forward into the fire anyway.

Her book is not just a brief life story about her struggles either, she also offers a complete guide on how other small business owners can also increase their sales,without all the extra panicking and hyperventilating that she experienced. Her book has inspired countless of entrepreneurs to keep going and, most importantly, taught them how to grow their businesses.

Vicky’s podcast, also titled Business For Superheroes, is lighthearted and fun. She is often joined by her husband, Joe, while they chat about a variety of different topics over a glass of wine or beer or gin... Vicky has discussed some of the everyday struggles entrepreneurs are faced with such as time management, increasing sales, marketing, and more. On the show, we also get surprise guest appearances by their two cats, Noodle and Whiskey.

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Vicky is also a circus performer and teaches ladies the fine art of pole dancing, not the stripper kind, as she says, but the 'Bitches Be Hench' kind. Her podcast’s style is casual and definitely something to listen to after work hours with a nice drink in your hand. Check her out and give her some love!


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