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Welcome to the first episode of season two of The Podcast Producers. We'd first like to say thank you to Podcast Movement for sponsoring us. So, what's in store for season two? Well, we're taking a different direction to the second season than we did in the first. Our goal this season is to have fun and interview some 'old-timer' podcasters. We are kicking off this season with our first guest Dave Jackson, the host of School of Podcasting. He is funny, he has been podcasting for a long, long while, and he's working with Libsyn now! 

A special thank you to the exclusive sponsor of Season 2, Podcast Movement. Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of podcasters and people involved in the podcast industry, taking place this July in Chicago. With over 1,500 attendees from around the world, and over 80 talks, workshop sessions, and panel discussions. Featured speakers include past Alex Blumberg from Startup & Gimlet, Anna Sale of WNYC's Death Sex & Money, Glynn Washington of Snap Judgment, Kevin Smith, Tracy & Heben from Another Round, and more announced every week.


To see the full lineup, and to register, visit , and use the code PRODUCERS to save $50 off the cost of registration


[0:06] Thank you Podcast Movement for sponsoring us! 

[0:50] Welcome to season two of The Podcast Producers! 

[3:45] Are we seriously going to do another ten episodes in two months? 

[4:10] Wait! Why are we doing this? What's the purpose of season two? 

[5:15] The most important part for us is to make this enjoyable and fun. 

[5:55] How did we choose these guests for the show? 

[7:55] Our guests have been podcasting for at least one year. 

[8:50] Today's guest is Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting. 

[9:55] Podcast Movement bought all of our ad space for season two. 

[12:45] Are you guys going to Podcast Movement? Call us at 347-480-1153 and leave us a message.

[14:00] Welcome Dave! Sorry we had to reschedule twice. 

[19:00] Dave has helped more people at Libsyn than he did as a teacher. 

[20:45] What are review swaps? 

[23:20] At the end of the day, review swaps are hurting you more than helping you. 

[26:20] The number of reviews you have does not increase your audience size. 

[26:50] At the end of the day, it's really about delivering value to your audience. 

[28:10] The podcaster, Max Flight, started a Slack group for his audience. 

[29:15] Don't focus on the stats. Instead, focus on your target audience and create relationships with them.  

[29:50] What's the deal with iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section? 

[32:45] You're actually not going to see a huge audience spike if you're in this section. 

[33:45] Don't make such a big deal about getting into New and Noteworthy. 

[35:35] Dave has a loud cat and his listeners can hear him in the background. 

[39:15] Which podcasts does Dave listen to? 

[41:15] Dave doesn't find the comedy category podcasts all that funny these days. 

[44:20] Did Dave receive comedy training? His timing is always on point. 

[46:50] Want to grow your audience? Find your competition and then start your show with them. 

[47:15] Corey talks about the elevator incident with Ray Ortega. 

[48:10] Dave Jackson is Corey's hero.