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Blogcasting with Podfly


Blogcasting with Podfly

Podfly enjoys working with a variety of client profiles. Everyone  from top-rated TV network superstars to grassroots supporters of presidential candidates. At the same time, we are occasionally approached by individuals and organizations that are interested in having a podcast, but don’t have the time or resources to record one.

Fortunately, the following great solutions are available.

Hire a professional host.

Tim Paige from ConversionCast is an example of an in-demand voice actor and professional on-air talent brought in to host a highly popular show.

While this is a great solution, it requires a lot of pre-production and recruiting to get started. However, there is another option.

Start a Blogcast.

Another highly effective, and economical option is Blogcasting. Though the name has been loosely used by a variety of sources, including Microsoft, the term has fallen out of popular use with the steady growth of conventional podcasting. So what, by definition, is Blogcasting?

A blogcast is simply the combination of a blog and podcast into a single Website. A blog is a weblog, or journal, that is available on the Internet. A podcast is an audio or video file that you share with visitors or subscribers to your site.

Podfly takes a modified approach to the concept of Blogcasting.


Most businesses have a blog. It’s almost a given that you need to produce consistent, relevant content in today’s socially driven information age. As podcasting becomes increasingly the norm, the question often posed is, “how can we leverage our existing writing talent in another medium?”

One word. Repurpose.

How? Podfly simply matches your blog content with a professional voice actor. He or she then records your blog to be produced into a weekly, or even daily audio show. Listeners can then subscribe and enjoy your content from anywhere!

Here’s an example by the Veritas News Network, an edgy, investigative journalism organization that has recently entered the podcasting space.

Who has time to read blogs anymore?

The power of the podcast as a medium is that it allows us to multitask. As a regular “reader” of audiobooks, and an avid listener to podcasts, I don’t need to tell you the advantages of taking in my favorite shows while walking, doing chores, commuting, etc. This level of portability and power can easily be applied to your blog content.

With blogcasting, your content can be seen, and heard. Having your written blog available in audio format opens your content to new distribution channels such as iTunes, Soundcloud,, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, and dozens more.  


Keeping your audience engaged after their first visit.

Jason Hartman has been a proponent of this for years. Many of his blogcasts keep the new and unique visitors, of his website, continuing to enjoy his content by subscribing to his weekly blogcast.  

Jason describes the Creating Wealth Blogcast as "...a short professional reading, audio blog or blogcast from the blog. You'll learn how to survive and thrive in today’s economy as business and real estate investment guru, Jason Hartman shows you innovative ways to "game the system" relating to the American economic mess, Wall Street scams, mortgage meltdown, inflation induced debt destruction, deflation and monetary policy."

What’s the SEO value?

Google loves text. What Google loves even more is multimedia. Text, images, and audio/video content are a few of the algorithms factored into ranking websites in their search results. Having your content be discoverable by the search goliath is enhanced by having an audio component to your web pages.


So, how does this work?

If you are interested in starting a blogcast with Podfly, we have a network of 25 professional voice actors and narrators who specialize in bringing your text to life! We will match you with the perfect voice and tone for your content, set you up with the ideal audio intro, and distribute your content to all the relevant podcast directories. It’s that simple!

We can even post audio players to your website, embedded in your blog content, to make your online presence highly visible in Google’s search engine Making it easy for your visitors to listen and subscribe.

In short, blogcasting is a quick and easy way to migrate your existing and newly written content into the white-hot space of podcasting. Podfly makes this seamless, professional-sounding, and cost-effective.

Feel free to connect with us to explore what blogcasting can do for you!

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