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Thank Goodness She Hated my Show Notes!


Thank Goodness She Hated my Show Notes!

I had written the best notes I could using the traditional format, for her first episode.

Our traditional timestamp show notes didn’t really fit her podcast, but who was I to say anything? I am, after all, just a girl from the steno pool. The deal had been struck, the contract signed and the podcast recorded, before I ever got involved. I had written the best notes I could using the traditional format, for her first episode. In an effort to add a bit of substance, I made the timestamps read horizontally as well as vertically. A triumph which was missed by everyone, except me.


The team at Podfly had been working up some custom style show notes but we hadn’t really solidified anything yet.

We knew a conversational, blog-esque approach was the way to move forward, but putting together a custom show notes package was put off until the next meeting; due to the mesmerizing amount of new clients we were acquiring.

The host, who had started her podcast in addition to her speaking engagements, coaching retreats and personal coaching sessions, did not have time to write her own show notes and there was no way the notes I had written were going to be posted on her site. I had not met her expectations and we needed to talk.  

I had prepared myself for the “what kind of circus are you guys running” conversation...

I had prepared myself for the “what kind of circus are you guys running” conversation, but was grateful the host was kind enough to prepare a list of podcasts whose show notes she wanted hers modeled after. After looking at the sites, I agreed a conversational, blog-esque type show notes better fit her newly launched podcast. I shared with her my ideas on individualizing her notes to make certain they were congruent with her website and vision. I right clicked the font and color information from her site and was ready for her next episode. 


In truth, it took us a couple of episodes to work out the kinks.

My task was getting the words to flow with her tone and she decided she was more comfortable writing her own titles. She was a pro right from the start, making each podcast better than the next. She is now 20+ episodes in with a loyal listener base. I look forward to listening to and noting each and every new episode.

I’m happy to say custom show notes are now an additional option offered by Podfly.

They include a one-on-one consultation with one of our in-house copywriters. We are all bloggers, so our goal is to entice people to listen to your podcast when they find the show in iTunes or Stitcher. We will make your website’s podcast page as SEO friendly as possible without stuffing keywords into the reader’s eyeballs (like some otherr services do) and we strive to share your distinctive voice in a professional manner.


Give Them More to Talk About


Give Them More to Talk About

Imagine one of your favorite podcasts... I don’t know about you, but when I’m a fan of a podcast or when a podcast episode, featured guest, or topic captures my attention, I don’t feel fully satiated until I can get more! What do I mean by ‘more’? Well, ‘more’ can mean: I want to connect & engage with some aspect of the show; I want access to its content & resources I find meaningful; I want to share & engage with my friends and other fans.

Custom show notes allow us to keep a consistent voice. We share intimate personal conversations on Straight Talk for a Curvy World and custom show notes allow us to continue that conversation in a meaningful way. It’s all about connecting with our audience.
— Ann Peck

It turns out, I’m not alone. As a group of researchers found, the “social aspect” of podcasting not only is one of the reasons people use podcasts, but the social aspect also predicts future podcast use. Meaning, people tend to talk with friends and other fans about the podcasts they consume. And, you know what this means for podcast producers - you can rely on your podcast to create a ‘‘buzz’’ around the show, topics & events2.

So how can I get more? Well first, I Google it! I’m sure you all know that “Google doesn’t index audio. The only way to find a podcast is via text searches. That’s why the show notes are high value”, as Corey Coates pointed out when I did my homework for this article. And, what do I expect to find? Definitely a lot more than the iTunes or Stitcher page of the podcast, which is where I’ll end up if my favorite show doesn’t have a show notes page.  

Now, let’s assume my favorite show has a custom show notes page - yay, awesome! What am I happy to find? Definitely not a 10 page long transcription of the episodes. Let’s face it, less is more! That being said, I’d be happy, for example, if I find a user-friendly podcast page that leads me to clear and concise summaries of the episodes I like. If the resources I want are one click away, rather than having to waste time searching for stuff. If I can conveniently offer valuable feedback because contact information such as phone numbers & email addresses are easily accessible. If I can share & engage by following social media links on Twitter, Facebook, Google+... If I can offer my loyalty by subscribing to stuff about the show, for example in iTunes, RSS, email newsletters, Facebook fan pages…

One of Podfly’s clients, Jodi Flynn from Women Taking the Lead podcast, decided to give her fans more to talk about by crafting the format of her custom show notes & we helped her pull it off. But really, as Ayn said “The beauty of custom show notes is that they can literally be anything you need it to be.”

A good place to start is to ask yourself, “what would my fans want?”, “how can I give them more to talk about?”


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