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Client Feature: Jennifer Ebeling of The Still Growing Podcast


Client Feature: Jennifer Ebeling of The Still Growing Podcast

Podcasting Made Sense to Jennifer


It took Jennifer ten years to start her blog, 6ft Mama, but it took her just a week to begin podcasting. Jennifer's husband left for a one week business trip and when he came back, she had a podcast! In 2013, Jennifer discovered the Stitcher app and searched for gardening podcasts. There weren't any on there and she knew she was the lady to fill that gap. In just one week, she had her intro, already contacted potential guests, and ordered about $1,000 worth of equipment on Amazon. 

Jennifer felt comfortable diving head first into the space because, although she is an avid gardener, she does have a techie side to her (as well as a background in TV and radio).

Fast forward to today and she has over 580 podcast episodes on iTunes. What makes her unique compared to other garden podcasts in the space is her long-form show. She often goes over two hours on each episode and, guess what, her audience loves it! For those experts out there who tell you to keep your podcast at a certain length, just remember Jennifer Ebeling from the Still Growing podcast breaks those rules and is very successful at it.


Building a Strong Community of Raving Fans and Avid Gardeners

Jennifer has a very engaged Facebook group. At the time of this writing, she has a little over 700 members in the group and they're constantly posting updates and questions about their garden. One thing Jennifer has noticed over the years is that it doesn't matter whether you've been a gardener for a year or 25 years, gardeners never feel like they know 'enough'. She started the Facebook group back in October of 2016 and it has grown into a booming community, with both listeners and the podcast guests joining the group.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.50.17 PM.png


Listeners have a unique opportunity by joining the group because they can ask Jennifer's guests personal questions in the community and have it actually answered by them! As Jennifer's gift to the podcast guests for joining, she lets them promote anything they want. Of course, as she says, many of her guests do not abuse this and the group is very respectful towards each other's time and advice. On her show, she also gives between 10-30 minute highlights of what has happened in the group and it's quite amazing to hear a podcast host say your name and give you shout outs! Her absolute dedication to her audience is what keeps them coming back for more.


Podcasting and Raising 4 Children


Jennifer is the mother of four teenagers and, as many parents know, that's a full time job in itself. She often drives them to school and to their respective hobbies (basketball, piano classes, etc), so it's a wonder how she works on her podcast, attends to her listener community, and gets her gardening done; which she also says is a full time job. 

In fact, Jennifer estimates she spends roughly 30 hours on her podcast each week. It's a lot of work, but she wouldn't have it any other way!

When it comes to editing her show, which admittedly takes most of her time, Jennifer listens to the raw audio file and edits it before she sends her show off to Eric, the audio engineer. Then, after she receives the edited version, she tweaks it once more. She says she wishes that the editing process was just a once-and-done event, but she simply can't let it go unless it's been listened to at least twice. Her children are used to hearing her show on their way to school and have become mini editors because of it. Whenever Jennifer 'goofs' her children write down the time stamp so that she or Eric can fix it in post.

In their car rides, Jennifer's children get to learn quite a lot about gardening, home grown food, and insects/mammals. This knowledge has developed some very interesting conversations between the family on their way to school and it has brought a better understanding, and appreciation, to what Jennifer does when she works on her garden.


Productivity: How Does She Do It?

Jennifer has become savvy with delegating and leveraging technology to help her cultivate resources for her community, her show, and her garden. When I sat down to chat with her, she was more than helpful to share her productivity tips. The top 3 things she uses to keep her community updated on garden news is Feedly, IFTTT, and Evernote.

She is subscribed to many garden-related news sources on Feedly and often tweets out interesting things her community might enjoy. Whenever she tweets, she has IFTTT (If Then Than That) connected to her Twitter and it automatically gets sent to Evernote, where she will use those resources to include in her podcast and in her garden community. Jennifer is always on social media reading and listening to garden-related news.

When it comes to managing her garden, she is partnered with her local school to have student gardeners come over and learn how to care for the plants. This helps her care for her garden and it puts her in a prime position to teach others how, and why, the garden is so important for our world. On her podcast, she even dedicates an episode to how you can make your gardening experience much more productive.



Thoughts From Eric Begay:

Eric has been the audio engineer on Jennifer's podcast since May of 2017 and one of the things he's noticed is Jennifer's speaking voice. “Jennifer is a really good speaker. I think she may script everything out, not sure.” He continues to say, “One thing I really like about her is there's no actual content editing. I don't have to fix things. Out of the whole two hours she records, what may need some editing as far as fixing some ahs and ums, pauses, and audio glitches with the call.”

When she’s doing all of the different parts of her podcast, whether it’s welcoming new members to her Facebook group or talking about news within the community that she built, she does a very good job. It sounds very professional.
— Eric Begay, Audio Producer

When I asked Eric what was challenging about editing a long-form podcast like Jennifer's, this is what he had to say. “When I get the raw files,” Eric says, “They're usually about 3 hours long total. By the time I'm done editing I take out about 30-45 minutes of just pauses in there. There's hundreds of pauses and because of it you have to make her (and her guests) sound like a continuous interview. That's the challenging part there.”

As far as the topic of the show, Eric has learned a ton about gardening and the various plants out there that exist. He says, “I always get curious about these plants she names. These different things she has in her garden. I get curious, like, one that really stood out that I never heard of was the 'Jack in the Pulpit'.” When he heard of that plant for the first time, he had to pause what he was doing and look it up. “I went to Google and Googled it and literally it does look like a Jack in a pulpit. It's pretty funny.”

Another thing Eric has noticed with Jennifer's show is the ability she has to convert it from a hobby to a business. Here's Eric discussing Jennifer's business sense, “Because she built such a huge community, I didn't know this about, I guess, the business sense when you build a podcast. How big of a community she's built and just how excited she is about it.” He continues to say, “Really, that's what excites me too is just the many different angles that she does to bring traffic to her podcast and make a business out of it.”

“You're not just learning about plants, you're also learning about her business too. If you really listen closely to how she curates information and delivers that free information and then she takes that free information to get traffic to her website. You get to learn the business sense about her and learn plants, learn how to garden, at the same time.”



Thoughts From Ayn Codina:

I've been Jennifer's copywriter for the podcast since August of 2016. Yes! It's been over a year of gardening. I remember when Jennifer first started her Facebook group. She was so consistent with it even when she had less than ten members. She always told people the benefits of why you should join during the intro of every show and she kept up with it.

I didn't join her group until a couple of months later. She had all these interesting resources that I couldn't help but check out. I am not much of a gardener, but both my parents left city life to raise farm-ish animals, like chickens and goats, and with that came a passion for gardening. Whenever I listen to her podcast, I am reminded by why my parents love to grow and also why they freaked out that one time when my dog ate their big, ripe, and juicy tomatoes they spent months pining over and loving.

Actually, when I first joined her group, I heard my name on her show thanking me for joining. It was a shock. I mean, how many times do you hear your own personal name on a show? It was a nice added touch and she does this with every member who joins the Facebook community.

Also, what's really neat about working on Jennifer's podcast is that she thanks the Podfly team towards the end of her podcast on every episode and I get to hear my name there as well! I've saved clips of it and bragged about it to my friends, who still don't think I have a real job.

There have been a lot of really great episodes from Jennifer. There are two I really, really enjoy and keep coming back to. The first is when Jennifer and guest Dawn Pape talked about educating children about bees. I really like bees and that episode was really educational on why they're important for our environment. The second one which is by far my favorite of all time is her Basil Mania episode. Oh. My. Gosh. If I could scope bucket loads of pesto into my mouth, I would die a happy death. It's on my list to try some of those pesto recipes because they sound to die for. If you love pesto or basil, then her episode is a MUST to listen to.



Podfly Featured Client - View from the Top Podcast


Podfly Featured Client - View from the Top Podcast

Are you a man interested in leading a life of success and significance? If so,  check out this week’s Podfly featured client, View from the Top podcast. In this weekly podcast, host Daniel Bauer chats with men who have joined Aaron Walker’s (aka “Big A”) paid membership only, mastermind group Iron Sharpens Iron. Big A believes if you don’t have skin in the game you aren’t going to follow through on your commitments.


The show’s featured guests are men who share the professional and personal challenges they face throughout their lives. They also talk about how these challenges became successes by working with the men in their mastermind group.


The View from the Top podcast is for the men out there that want to inspire others to be the best person they can be! The show features  guests who have become successful in both their careers and personal lives after joining Iron Sharpens Iron. Each 30 min episode is perfect for listening to while on your daily commute, working out, or sharpening your knives to make a delectable meal at the end of the day for your family.


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On the first episode, Daniel chats with Big A who shares  how he has made the environment safe for men to express being vulnerable. He talks about examples of extraordinary success stories as well as some of his divine wisdom.

Married to his beautiful wife Robin for 35 years, Aaron is an exemplary man who has two daughters and four grandchildren. He is an avid reader who loves to hunt, fish, and golf in his spare time.

Are you having trouble getting your business started or just feel like you need some inspiration to go the extra mile? Listen to The View from The Top podcast to learn from the leading entrepreneurs on how they transformed their tribulations into success by joining Iron Sharpens Iron. Leave the complacency at the door fellas and step into your vulnerable side. Take the bull by the horns and see the view from the top!


Podfly Featured Client - Christine Hassler: Over It and On With It


Podfly Featured Client - Christine Hassler: Over It and On With It

Over It and On With - It is a fresh, enlightened podcast based upon the tried and true tactics of a classic, call-in radio advice show. Every week, host Christine Hassler records one of her personal, one-on-one sessions with a client who is searching for the reasons behind why they do what they do.

Christine is gifted in acknowledging her client’s questions and calls upon her decade long experience as a life coach to whittle down her client’s repeated patterns and behaviors to core wounds. Early in each session, it is common for callers to defend their positions as they recede back to their previous conditionings. Christine guides her clients through meditations, visualizations and spiritual practices designed to assist them in achieving clarity, acceptance and consciousness shifts. Breakthroughs are often sudden and dramatic.  

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The Over It and On With It podcast has become a safe place for people who wish to share their vulnerabilities and who are ready to embark on a transformation of self. By subscribing to Christine’s podcast, you will find a place where you will not be judged, you will not feel guilt and you will not be asked to ingest a belief system you don’t already embody. You will also learn to use your inner resources to heal yourself and to find comfort in knowing there are people experiencing fear and doubt just like you.

Since its inception, a mere 30 episodes ago, the Over It and On With It podcast has reached 150,000+ downloads by people who are searching for encouragement and love. Episodes include applicable tools for callers, coaches and listeners who wish to manifest the guidance provided in each session. You can also find exercises in Christine’s book, Expectation Hangover, which relate to the issues brought to light in the podcast.

Be sure to check out all of Christine's amazing work at


Bio: Christine Hassler is an author, a professional speaker and a life coach. She conducts life transforming retreats and workshops in the US and abroad. She holds a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica where she serves as a current faculty member.  

Podfly is a collaborative team of audio engineers, writers, radio producers, and professional voice actors. Our collective skills and expertise makes the Podfly family a truly unique team dedicated to the art and craft of producing and distributing high-quality audio productions. If you are in search of a podcast production company devoted to making your podcast as successful as Over and On With It contact us at with your vision and we'll guide you through the process.  


Podfly Featured Client – Making the Maven: Podcast TuneUp


Podfly Featured Client – Making the Maven: Podcast TuneUp

When Michelle McGlade first approached us, she already had a podcast, but was looking for a complete revamp on it. Podfly was more than happy to help. Since then, she has created the Making the Maven podcast and it's fantastic. Michelle has refreshed her image in order to reach  her target audience, which mainly consists of wellness and holistic health professionals.

As Michelle was looking to upgrade her branding and really focus tightly on her community, she also needed help to create the perfect custom show notes outline for her new podcast. I was more than happy to chat one-on-one with her and get a complete overview of what she does and who her ideal audience is. Through the feedback she gave me and listening to her show in detail, we worked together on developing the custom show notes that match her brand image and also speak the language that bests resonate with her target audience.

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Who is Michelle? She's a business strategist, go-getter, former clinic owner with a background in acupuncture, massage therapy, and business administration. Her personal mission is to help other wellness professionals, who are often times so focused on serving others that they forget about themselves, grow their practice while still remaining present about their own personal needs. She is a healer for healers!

The Making the Maven show  introduces other wellness professionals who share their entrepreneurial journey along with their struggles. When Michelle was first starting out, she didn’t find a lot of information on how practitioners can run their own business while still serving their client-base in the most authentic way possible. This is one of the reasons why she created her podcast, which has created a platform to share the untold stories and let her following  know they are  not alone!  Her TunedUp podcast is meant to shed some light for those seeking guidance, inspiration, and reassurance. Be sure to stop by her page and check out her podcast!

About Podfly:

We're a podcast production house that can revamp your show, help you create a brand new one from scratch, and even help you setup your audio equipment! We also provide both simple and advanced editing services, as well as standard and custom show notes. Contact us for more information or feel free to message me at! We're more than happy to help.

Until next time, Ayn.


Podfly Featured Client - Fit2Fat2Fit


Podfly Featured Client - Fit2Fat2Fit

Try as he might, Drew Manning of the popular Fit2Fat2Fit podcast can’t seem to get his fitness industry guests to talk about their diets, action plans or fitness regimens. Every attempt he has made to get the sought after keywords like  “protein bars” “juicing at home” or “CrossFit workouts” to show up in the dialogue has turned into an altogether different conversation. The conversations aren’t strategic and don’t follow any specific guidelines, but they are masterpieces of the human condition. It’s because his podcast is so much more than simple workouts and diet plans. His podcast along with his Fit to Fat to Fit show on A&E, is about transforming people’s lives, changing perspectives, and bringing people together through healthy living and nutrition.

If you haven’t heard of his story, he’s the guy who decided to make a beer keg out of his 6-pack and to turn his muscles into marshmallows; all to change his attitude to gratitude for us common folk who go in and out of our fitness journeys like a teenage girl changes clothes. His “experiment” to gain empathy by gaining weight has given him a NY Times Bestseller and sprouted an online fitness program called Dollar Workout Club, which he runs with his wife, Lynn Manning and his wife’s pseudo-twin sister, Natalie Hodson.

Drew and Lynn record their podcast from Hawaii and call back to the mainland to talk with their guests. They have hour long conversations with the best the fitness industry has to offer. The rapport between the guests and the hosts is at times family like and one has to wonder if Drew’s nickname is secretly “the nicest guy in fitness” during underground fitness industry conversations. Lynn keeps it real and adds warmth to the discussions with her down to earth, comical and sometimes gritty lightning round questions.

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If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, it’s definitely worth the time it takes to subscribe. To hear for yourself how this bodybuilding, gentle giant has won over the hearts of many, visit his podcast page and be sure to listen to each and every episode to get inspired by people’s journeys from Fit2Fat2Fit. You can also check out Drew’s Fit2Fat2Fit blog posts filled with health and fitness tips and resources, and pick up a copy of his book Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose on Amazon or iTunes.