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Podfly Featured Client -  Mindfluence Revolution


Podfly Featured Client - Mindfluence Revolution

The Mindfluence Revolution podcast is hosted by Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley. Each week they alternate between the two co-hosts discussing specific themes or interviewing an expert guest. Some of the topics they've talked about on the show include: how to build deeper customer relationships and loyalty, how to make a stronger and better contribution to the world, creative ways to implement innovation into a business model, and more.

Dr. Matthew Norton, known as “America's Holistic Doctor” has been contributing to improving people’s lives, for over 30 years, by sharing his personal success and focusing on healing, and our innate potential to thrive against adversity and challenging life events.  He is also the author of Where Does It Hurt?, which focuses on the need for not only a holistic body, but a mind and spirit as well. Dr. Norton constantly delivers a high level of academic knowledge and cutting-edge research to the table. What makes Dr. Norton so refreshing on the show is his insights into human behavior and his breakdowns on what makes a human being truly happy.

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Bruce Hurley, known as “America’s Business Adviser”, became an entrepreneur at a very early age. He started his first business when he was 10 years old, hired his first employees at the age of 11, and then sold that same business when he was 12. Bruce focuses on building a successful business that supports an entrepreneur's desired lifestyle and he is always filled with expert knowledge on business marketing, sales, and copywriting. Bruce makes for an excellent balance to his co-host because he always has interesting perspectives on the theme they're discussing, along with business advice and counter opinions.

It's very apparent within the first couple of minutes of listening to their show that these guys weren't born yesterday. They offer years upon years of experience, knowledge, and insight  to those who are willing to learn and put their advice to practice.

I personally love the Mindfluence show because both co-hosts have the ability to support their message and topics of discussion with scientific findings. What you're listening to isn't just 'woo-woo' concepts, but very relevant topics you can apply to your business today. I also love the fact that at the end of every episode, they have the Mindfluence Challenge of the week designed to help the listener take practical action and see positive outcomes.


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