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Podfly Featured Client - Hillary Fancast

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Podfly Featured Client - Hillary Fancast

There are three ladies who live in the West

Cheering on Hillary is what they do best

They will see her win, as they know where she’s been

Hillary the first woman president, this is their quest


When positions collide they have the law on their side

Shemia is the lawyer in which they confide

And, when they dig down in the political mire

It’s Andrea “Coop” who keeps it inspired

When experience speaks, it’s Aunt Martie we seek

To lend a voice to those who are retired


When the campaign gets fierce

Hillary’s armor will not be pierced

At least in these ladies eyes

They will stand strong as they are with her along

This bumpy and opinionated ride


While Hillary teaches, the GOP preaches about guns and women’s lives

Mrs. Clinton is a pro as all of you know, her character has no disguise

International affairs has everyone scared, they want to build a wall

HRC doesn’t flinch when she’s in a pinch because she knows more than them all


The ladies of the Fancast will quickly point out

Hillary Clinton is a policy wonk and intensely devout

As they head to Nevada to volunteer for the cause

They’ll be in the audience to give the loudest applause


There’s only 22 weeks ‘til the National Convention

Which means the ladies of Fancast will be paying attention

To every detail of this crazy race

And report it with confidence, admiration and grace


Listen in to each episode and be part of the team

As Shemia, Aunt Martie and Coop dare to dream

They may invite Adam to join in the fun

To unravel the stories the pundits have spun


If the ladies get their way without any dispute

The new President of the United States will wear a pantsuit


The Hillary Fancast is your weekly opportunity to travel with friends on Hillary Clinton's road to the presidency.   We curate the best news reporting on the campaign trail each week and dive deep into campaign strategy.  We’re not associated with the Hillary for America campaign and we speak only for ourselves.  Most importantly, we're not objective. We are TeamHillary.  If you are too, join us for the Hillary Fancast.

Shemia Fagan, Andrea Cooper and Aunt Martie are “Team Hillary”.

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