Once a month we feature staff picks, or #guiltypleasures, the Podfly team is currently digging. If you're looking to expand your music, movie, or podcast tastes, then stop by to see what all of us are currently obsessed with!



David Gregerson, Co-Founder:

“I’m really into Ozark on Netflix. Great show! If you enjoyed Breaking Bad, you’ll like this.”

Both Meryl Klemow and Kimberly Beck chimed in and agreed with David. Kim even said, “I like the color scheme used in Ozark. It really added something to the atmosphere of the story.”

Jerry 3.jpeg

Jerry Payne, Team Leader/Audio Engineer:

“That feeling when you realize one of your favorite bands has a new album out in a couple months! (Little Thing Gone Wild album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).”

“This month, I’ve been listening to the latest release from the Canadian blues-rock duo Black Pistol Fire. Deadbeat Graffiti proves that sometimes, all you need to make a great album is a guitar, drums, and a whole lot of soul.”


Meryl Klemow, Copywriter:

“I swear I'm not 14 years old but I like FULLER HOUSE hee hee.”


Kimberly Beck, Copywriter:

“Revisiting one of my favorite shows: Wilco at Sydney Opera House.”

Joseph Batty commented that he does like some of old Wilco, but he's personally 'more of a Jeff Tweedy fan' himself.


Eric Begay, Team Leader/Audio Engineer:

Eric is currently loving these Apple AirPods.

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Nina Pollock, Producer/Showrunner/Sound Designer:

“My podcast guilty pleasure right now is definitely "My Dad Wrote A Porno" - it's hilarious, jaw-dropping, and absolutely addictive. The podcast is essentially the reading of a porno written by the father of the host. The host and two of his insanely funny friends dive deep into each chapter while commenting on the absurdity/genius of his father's "literature". Definitely worth checking out! I lose it every time I listen to an episode.”

Ayn Codina says, “I have friends talking about this show. Just hearing them re-tell it had me crying.”