Podfly is happy to see everyone, new and old, at Podcast Movement this year. We've got some exciting things coming your way, but be sure to stop by our booth to say hi! Our two co-founders Corey and David will be at the booth along with team members Aty and Eric. 

By the way, Corey will be speaking at Podcast Movement this Friday the 8th at 9:15am in the Columbus GH hall. He will be discussing podcast editing from start to finish and will be giving you a walk through on how to take raw content and polish it into a professional sounding podcast - all under an hour. Sounds impossible? It isn't, but you won't learn the trade secrets unless you stop by his workshop this Friday! You can learn more about Corey on his Podcast Movement speaker page

See you guys there! 

About Podfly:

Podfly is a boutique podcast production company that turns amateur podcasters into professionals. We have a staff of highly skilled audio engineers and show note writers to craft the perfect podcast. If you're new to podcasting and don't know where to start, then Podfly has some great packages for newbies who want to get their podcast off the ground. Contact me personally at Ayn@Podfly.net or reach Podfly through the contact form for more information.