The Accelerate! podcast is dedicated to helping sales reps, business owners, and entrepreneurs successfully navigate through the sales process. Andy Paul's iTunes description perfectly sums up what listeners can expect from his show, "Each episode delivers the latest insights, wisdom and actionable strategies from the top experts in sales, marketing, leadership, management, sales & marketing automation, training, market research and personal development to accelerate the growth of your sales, your business and, most importantly, you."

Interested in more insider advice on any of these topics? Listen in to Andy and his guests  share their expertise on how to increase business sales and be a better salesperson.  Andy  releases five episodes on Monday to Friday of each week, with Fridays reserved for his special guest, Bridget Gleason.

Bridget joins Andy on Fridays to share key examples and lessons they have both learned over the course of their careers and often they focus on one key topic for that particular day. As VP of Corporate Sales for SumoLogic, Bridget brings a unique perspective to the table week after week. With her wit and expertise, listeners can add one more thing to look forward to on a Friday!

Andy has been podcasting since October 2015, and approached Podfly February of this year for help ramp up his production. In addition to audio production, we  also worked with him directly on his podcast show notes, and currently provide custom show note services for his brand.

We're proud to announce that after switching over to Podfly Custom Show Notes services, The Accelerate! Podcast listenership tripled within 30 days of using our service. How cool is that? Andy and his team were so impressed, he asked us to apply the same formula to his previous 150 episode catalog for SEO-goodness. The Podfly staff and everyone who works on Andy's podcast is incredibly happy to see such a knowledgeable and informative show bloom!


About Podfly:

Podfly is a production house that works exclusively with podcasts. We are proudly immersed in the podcasting community. In fact, the majority of our audio editors and copywriters are avid podcast listeners and active podcast consumers - outside of what they already listen to at Podfly, of course! All of us have a passion for podcasts and we hope to make your podcast just as great as Accelerate! Feel free to contact us or e-mail meat for more info. I read every email I get.

Until next time, Ayn.