Do you ever wish you had a friend living in the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast? This friend could tell you about the cool, non-touristy spots that only someone who has been living there for decades would know about? This friend could also put you in touch with the small, locally owned accommodations and the freshest, mouthwatering, best-priced restaurants in the area. This friend would also fill your mind with anecdotes about the local culture and traditions that were born in the Mayan civilization.

Well, you do have that friend and her name is Kay Walten. Kay has lived in the Riviera Maya since before it was called the Riviera Maya. Way back in 1992, Kay was summoned from Baltimore to Mexico to take over the operations of a local dive shop while getting the opportunity to explore the amazing underwater caves surrounding the Yucatan peninsula. She has been sharing her experiences and turning tourists into travelers on her in-depth website, ever since.  

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In addition to enriching the local community by providing reservations to thousands of travelers, Kay hosts the LocoGringo weekly podcast. LocoGringo features locals who all started out as tourists but became enchanted with the pale green waters of the Caribbean, the mystery of the Mayan Ruins, the underwater netherlands of the coast, and the deep, rich, blue pools of the cenotes. Each week, Kay interviews local business owners who have thrived in the laid back world of the Riviera Maya, environmentalists who love the area and work diligently to sustain a balance between its natural beauty and the effects of tourism, and adventurers who have explored the inner depths of the sea and cenotes with respect and admiration. Her guests share their top three secret places for the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility with Kay and her many subscribers.


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