You know that one lady who comes to the party and everything is going great for her? She has a new, very important job, her little Jimmy was just accepted into Princeton’s Program for the Gifted and she’s absolutely bursting to tell you about her latest trip to Sonoma Valley? Well, the stories we tell others aren’t always what is really going on in our lives. Sometimes we just turned 50, our relationships are going down the toilet, our doctor changes our prescriptions and on top of that our stupid cell phone we have been looking for the past 10 minutes is right where we left it. Yet, those are the easy things. Sometimes, life throws wicked, life-altering, soul crunchers at us that pierce right through our heart, leaving us crying in our cars, feeling alone and lost.

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The Straight Talk for a Curvy World podcast serves as an outlet for, as the subtitle reads, a place to talk about the things we don’t talk about, even the messy stuff. Host, Ann Peck, gives her guests a platform to speak freely about the things people can never read in a magazine or see on a talk show. Ann’s podcast lifts up the big metal manhole cover of those society accepted forums and lets us peer into the underground systems that truly govern our lives.  

The podcast centers around one-to-one conversations with real people who have been through real ordeals, featuring many guests who are still stuck in the middle of their journeys, and brings attention to those who have been punched in the face but continue to fight through the pain.

Previous guests have openly discussed the death of their parents, some who have used and abused prescription meds and some who believed suicide was their only option. But just like real life, Ann’s podcast is not always dark and dreary. She has provided a channel of communication for those who talk to angels, those who break through their anxiety and those who have freed themselves by admitting their sexual endeavors.  

Ann seems to have found her calling realizing that even if it hurts to peel sunburnt skin there will always be new skin underneath. Because sometimes people just need to tell their story in the sun.  


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