Katie and Chris Krimitsos are a true podcasting power couple. As the event organizers of, Chris and Katie connect podcasters and have helped launch dozens of successful shows. Chris produces the highly original and creative, Story Jam Theatre. Katie is very well-known and respected in the female entrepreneur space with her show, Biz Women Rock. Tune in to hear this husband and wife team share how they balance work, life, family, and podcasting!

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[01:50] Corey and Jessica remind listeners that there is often a “blooper reel” at the end of each episode, including many fumbles and some of the little goodies that didn’t make the final cut.

[02:48] This week Katie and Chris Krimitsos are introduced as guests - will the baby join the show?

[04:28] Jessica shares her story of the first time she had met Katie and their subsequent working relationship.

[05:45] Corey shares his story of the first time he met Chris in person at Podcast Movement.

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[12:56] Jessica and Corey welcome Chris and Katie to the show and ask how he and Katie got started with podcasting.

[16:25] Katie and Chris have helped launch about 50 podcast locally.

[16:45] Chris records Story Jam Theatre live, and explains the pre and post production work involved.

[22:15] Chris shares how they have taken turns supporting each other in their professional and creative ventures.

[28:37] Where does Katie find her passion? What lights her up?

[35:45] Is there a secret brotherhood among men in podcast?

[38:15] Chris makes a special announcement for 2017 in Orlando and an update on their upcoming podcast documentary.

[45:30] Katie and Chris share how they focus on balancing work, life, health, and family.