This week Jessica and Corey welcome podcaster and entrepreneur, Natalie Eckdahl of BizChix to the show. Natalie is a seasoned podcaster, successful business person, and devoted mother who manages to not only find time to balance her business and life, but is a coach and inspirational figure for helping hundreds of others like her.

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[01:30] The Podcast Producers is recorded after hours on Thursdays as a fun, personal project.

[03:00] Is Corey addicted to Tic Tacs?

[03:55] When is it time to change things up in your podcast show format?

[05:30] Natalie Eckdahl is today’s guest, and friend of the show.

[06:55] Does everybody want to hug Corey?

[07:32] - ADVERTISEMENT - Season 2 is sponsored by PODCAST MOVEMENT

[09:40] Today’s guest, Natalie Eckdahl is welcomed on the show...again?

[13:45] Natalie has a tough time turning off her entrepreneurial mind, and needs to intentionally eliminate distractions related to work.

[16:45] Turning off or not checking email - be careful to wait for work to come to you. Though it makes you feed “needed”, it’s a very inefficient way to work.

[20:00] Natalie speaks to where she finds the talent and creativity in helping podcasters align their business with their podcast.

[24:30] Jessica and Natalie talk about the evolution of business podcasts in the last 3 years, including how BizChix is mixing up the format.

[27:20] Should podcasters replay old episodes instead of making fresh content?

[30:45] Wait, where the heck is Corey?

[35:30] Lots of podcasters podfade, and Natalie shares some anecdotal stats.

[40:00] When are “seasons” appropriate for your show format?

[43:30] Natalie shares some of her more vulnerable moments and how to she gets past impostor syndrome.

[48:20] Private Facebook groups are an amazing support system for podcasters, and entrepreneurs alike.

[51:30] There is a growing need for higher-level podcasting groups for those who want to go beyond the basics.