When Michelle McGlade first approached us, she already had a podcast, but was looking for a complete revamp on it. Podfly was more than happy to help. Since then, she has created the Making the Maven podcast and it's fantastic. Michelle has refreshed her image in order to reach  her target audience, which mainly consists of wellness and holistic health professionals.

As Michelle was looking to upgrade her branding and really focus tightly on her community, she also needed help to create the perfect custom show notes outline for her new podcast. I was more than happy to chat one-on-one with her and get a complete overview of what she does and who her ideal audience is. Through the feedback she gave me and listening to her show in detail, we worked together on developing the custom show notes that match her brand image and also speak the language that bests resonate with her target audience.

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Who is Michelle? She's a business strategist, go-getter, former clinic owner with a background in acupuncture, massage therapy, and business administration. Her personal mission is to help other wellness professionals, who are often times so focused on serving others that they forget about themselves, grow their practice while still remaining present about their own personal needs. She is a healer for healers!

The Making the Maven show  introduces other wellness professionals who share their entrepreneurial journey along with their struggles. When Michelle was first starting out, she didn’t find a lot of information on how practitioners can run their own business while still serving their client-base in the most authentic way possible. This is one of the reasons why she created her podcast, which has created a platform to share the untold stories and let her following  know they are  not alone!  Her TunedUp podcast is meant to shed some light for those seeking guidance, inspiration, and reassurance. Be sure to stop by her page and check out her podcast!

About Podfly:

We're a podcast production house that can revamp your show, help you create a brand new one from scratch, and even help you setup your audio equipment! We also provide both simple and advanced editing services, as well as standard and custom show notes. Contact us for more information or feel free to message me at Ayn@podfly.net! We're more than happy to help.

Until next time, Ayn.