Hurricane Sandy was an eye-opening experience for Harry Duran and it really got him out of his comfort zone.

The Podcast Producers welcomes Harry Duran of the Podcast Junkies onto the show. Harry's podcast is incredibly unique in both style and vibe. You feel like you're able to let loose and relax into your chair whenever you listen to his show. We invited this Podcast Junkie on the show today to get to know him a little bit better. Harry believes that the 15-20 minute mark is when an interview tends to hit the sweet spot and start to get good. He also loves to interview people with the video on so that he can see his guests' reactions to his thought-provoking questions.

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[1:20] Jessica has lost her voice. 

[2:30] Could you be silent for 11 days? 

[2:50] Harry Duran joins us on today's show! 

[3:50] Jessica loves Harry's podcast because you can let your hair down and get loose! 

[4:50] Thank you so much Podcast Movement for sponsoring us! 

[5:00] Why are you going to Podcast Movement? Call us at 347-480-1153 and leave us a message.

[7:15] Harry, do you ever listen to your own show? 

[9:25] Shout-out to all our Lebanese listeners. 

[10:50] There are many layers to producing really good music. 

[11:50] What was the most uncomfortable interview Harry ever did? 

[18:45] Doesn't it get distracting when you have a Skype interview with video on? 

[19:55] Harry is trying to get more comfortable with the silence during an interview. 

[21:25] Waiting and letting people continue their secondary thought after a question is answered can reveal much more than their initial response.

[21:50] The real meat of the conversation comes in about 15-20 minutes into an interview. 

[23:05] Who is Harry? 

[23:50] Harry is spiritual, but not religious. 

[25:25] Harry and his wife, Nathalie, have a dog named Disco who has been with them for 11 years. 

[26:50] Who is Nathalie? 

[29:15] Harry is a pure New Yorker at heart, but it's important to get out of your comfort zone. 

[30:05] Harry talks about living through Hurricane Sandy. 

[32:30] Most people will not be able to survive more than three days because they don't have an emergency plan. 

[36:00] Jessica doesn't want to teach her kids that strangers are bad, because most people aren't like that. 

[38:10] Harry is sooooo good at marketing. 

[40:25] You're never trying to sell the mattress, you're trying to sell a good night's sleep. 

[41:40] Hey Harry, help us come up with a retention hashtag! 

[43:45] First three people to hashtag Harry will get a free Podcast Junkies t-shirt. 

[46:15] Heads up listeners! We're recording these shows and then releasing them. We're not batch producing The Podcast Producers this season.