Over It and On With - It is a fresh, enlightened podcast based upon the tried and true tactics of a classic, call-in radio advice show. Every week, host Christine Hassler records one of her personal, one-on-one sessions with a client who is searching for the reasons behind why they do what they do.

Christine is gifted in acknowledging her client’s questions and calls upon her decade long experience as a life coach to whittle down her client’s repeated patterns and behaviors to core wounds. Early in each session, it is common for callers to defend their positions as they recede back to their previous conditionings. Christine guides her clients through meditations, visualizations and spiritual practices designed to assist them in achieving clarity, acceptance and consciousness shifts. Breakthroughs are often sudden and dramatic.  

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The Over It and On With It podcast has become a safe place for people who wish to share their vulnerabilities and who are ready to embark on a transformation of self. By subscribing to Christine’s podcast, you will find a place where you will not be judged, you will not feel guilt and you will not be asked to ingest a belief system you don’t already embody. You will also learn to use your inner resources to heal yourself and to find comfort in knowing there are people experiencing fear and doubt just like you.

Since its inception, a mere 30 episodes ago, the Over It and On With It podcast has reached 150,000+ downloads by people who are searching for encouragement and love. Episodes include applicable tools for callers, coaches and listeners who wish to manifest the guidance provided in each session. You can also find exercises in Christine’s book, Expectation Hangover, which relate to the issues brought to light in the podcast.

Be sure to check out all of Christine's amazing work at www.ChristineHassler.com.


Bio: Christine Hassler is an author, a professional speaker and a life coach. She conducts life transforming retreats and workshops in the US and abroad. She holds a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica where she serves as a current faculty member.  

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