I wanted to take this time to say thank you to Podfly. They’ve been there from the very beginning and took care of me during my stressful launch phase. They were able to explain on every level, what needed to happen in order to get a podcast launched, and make it good quality. And their editing is amazing. It’s without a doubt, the top of the industry, and really affordable for what they offer. I tried editing myself, and although I could learn, it’s still a very cumbersome and time consuming task. So instead I leverage the expertise of the professionals and use my time for marketing and other work to improve and grow my business. Here’s a big thank you to the team at Podfly!
— Ryan Thomas, Co-Host of Modern SexTalks

Podfly is giving a shout out to Modern SexTalks Podcast cohosted by Ryan Thomas and Veronica Chase. Ryan and Veronica get down and dirty with each other and the experts on topics such as attraction, dating, relationships, and yes, tons of sex for everyone!

Ryan and Veronica met at a mutual friend’s party. They quickly realized that they made a great amalgamation. This duo dives deep into their sexual past in the first episode. Ryan and Veronica have many guest speakers including, but not limited to:  Doctors, Meditation, Experts, Virtual Reality Porn Producer, Bisexuality, Relationship Coaches…SEX PARTY ANYONE!!!

Modern SexTalks was created to open up the dialogue around sex, intimacy, and relationships. They want to open the doors for people to not feel shamed. Open up and talk about sexual experiences and share the knowledge that everyone wants to know, but were too scared to ask. 

Unfortunately, still in this day and age, sex is such a taboo subject. The masses talk about making sure to stay discreet, which in turn makes us feel ashamed and often feel guilty. Listen to Modern SexTalks episodes. They will make you feel less shamed and you will want to get down to the nitty gritty of sex.

Do you want to be a better romantic partner? Do you want to learn how you can build intimacy in your relationships, in a powerful way?  You will learn how to improve your own and your partners' sexual pleasure, overcome limiting beliefs and challenges around sex and sexuality, and skyrocket the emotional intimacy in your relationships.

Ryan and Veronica also formed a company called The Intimate Lifestyle which provides a curriculum for men and women to improve their intimate relationships and sex lives. They also hold speaker events, where speakers will talk on various topics such as jealousy, swinging lifestyle, communication, and more.

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