Try as he might, Drew Manning of the popular Fit2Fat2Fit podcast can’t seem to get his fitness industry guests to talk about their diets, action plans or fitness regimens. Every attempt he has made to get the sought after keywords like  “protein bars” “juicing at home” or “CrossFit workouts” to show up in the dialogue has turned into an altogether different conversation. The conversations aren’t strategic and don’t follow any specific guidelines, but they are masterpieces of the human condition. It’s because his podcast is so much more than simple workouts and diet plans. His podcast along with his Fit to Fat to Fit show on A&E, is about transforming people’s lives, changing perspectives, and bringing people together through healthy living and nutrition.

If you haven’t heard of his story, he’s the guy who decided to make a beer keg out of his 6-pack and to turn his muscles into marshmallows; all to change his attitude to gratitude for us common folk who go in and out of our fitness journeys like a teenage girl changes clothes. His “experiment” to gain empathy by gaining weight has given him a NY Times Bestseller and sprouted an online fitness program called Dollar Workout Club, which he runs with his wife, Lynn Manning and his wife’s pseudo-twin sister, Natalie Hodson.

Drew and Lynn record their podcast from Hawaii and call back to the mainland to talk with their guests. They have hour long conversations with the best the fitness industry has to offer. The rapport between the guests and the hosts is at times family like and one has to wonder if Drew’s nickname is secretly “the nicest guy in fitness” during underground fitness industry conversations. Lynn keeps it real and adds warmth to the discussions with her down to earth, comical and sometimes gritty lightning round questions.

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If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, it’s definitely worth the time it takes to subscribe. To hear for yourself how this bodybuilding, gentle giant has won over the hearts of many, visit his podcast page and be sure to listen to each and every episode to get inspired by people’s journeys from Fit2Fat2Fit. You can also check out Drew’s Fit2Fat2Fit blog posts filled with health and fitness tips and resources, and pick up a copy of his book Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose on Amazon or iTunes.