This week Podfly is featuring Women Taking The Lead Podcast, founded and hosted by Leadership Coach, Jodi Flynn. The podcast is a twice per week interview style, showcasing leading women who share their journey up the trail to success. A dash of the man’s perspective is sprinkled in to show how men forward the cause of women in leadership.

Jodi delves into topics that are typically not covered. She wants to know the whole story from the start of her guests’ career, including their celebrated triumphs and extreme failures. Women Taking The Lead is all about women rising up to the challenges of being successful. The podcast inspires women to take the lead and to inspire other women through experiences of trials and tribulations, creating a culture of women who want to grow in both their business and personal lives.

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The listeners of the podcast learn how to find their voice, turn their setbacks into triumphs, change their mindset to be more powerful and upbeat, establish their leadership skills, and learn how to achieve goals. Listeners also learn about exciting new material, like books and quotes they can use to rocket them forward in their career. They also gain insight into the “successful woman” mindset, their wake-up calls, their playing small moments, how and why they utilize their best leadership skills, and exciting new ventures they have on the forefront. The women featured on the show have overcome their odds, faced personal and business challenges head-on, and jumped head first into the deep end without a life jacket in order to build their dreams and expand their careers.

Jodi takes pride in ‘walking her talk’. She loves to challenge herself by constantly reaching outside her comfort zone. Jodi specializes in working with business executives who want to clarify and pursue their own definition of success. She focuses mainly on leadership, communication, relationships, and mindset. Jodi’s passion is coaching and her greatest satisfaction is to inspire and guide her clients to live and work according to their own way.

Once Jodi realized the tremendous value that was instilled upon her by other female leaders,she decided to start Women Taking The Lead podcast. Her vision is to ensure that other women have a one stop shop to learn about what other successful women business owners have gone through to reach their ultimate success.