Shout-out to The Rich20Something Podcast

Our wonderful clients are a big part of our success here at Podfly and we'd like to give some love back to the awesome people creating amazing content! This week, we're giving a quick shout-out to Daniel DiPiazza, the host of the Rich 20 Something podcast.

When Daniel graduated from university, he felt he had two options: Go back to school or join a corporation. Neither option appealed to him, so he started working dead-end jobs. When he eventually grew tired of the rat race, he decided to take matters into his own hands and start a business. He has since created several successful businesses, which gives him the freedom to do what he wants and, more importantly, do work that matters to him.

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The Rich20Something website contains his best advice on how anyone, no matter what age, can start and grow a business. Daniel has even included a funny list of his business failures, because things don't always run smoothly the first, two, three, four times you try.

Daniel also writes for a number of publications like Entrepreneur magazine, The Huffington Post, and Under30CEO. It’s definitely fun to  check out his articles after his podcast, because he writes some great stuff like this: A Con Artist Taught Me Everything I Know About Persuasion.And this: Hacking Elance – The Step by Step Guide to How I Made $23,700 in 4 Weeks.

His podcast is for everyone who feels like there's more to life than a 9-5 job. Although the podcast is fairly new, he launched  it in October, Daniel's conversations are entertaining and refreshing. You can check it out here: Rich20Something Podcast.