This week Podfly is shining a light on the ManTalks Podcast founded by Connor Beaton. Connor and his co-host Roger Nairn  interview inspiring men across various aspects of their lives. Anywhere from soup to nuts, these men have you covered. ManTalks is all about Manning UP! Their podcasts are  jam packed with insights on how to become a self improving ‘ninja’!!!

Working with Podfly is like having another member of your team by your side. They intuitively know (and truly understand) your business, and this comes through in the exceptional quality of their work.
— Roger Nairn - ManTalks

ManTalks core values are centered around six major areas: Authenticity, Community, Purpose, Accountability, Strength, and Courage. One of Connor’s goals with his podcast is  to create a space for the modern man to evolve and thrive.

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you the guy sitting on the couch waiting for something good to happen? Are you the guy that is thinking to yourself ‘wow, that person is lucky’? If any of these questions resonate with you, then this is exactly the Podcast you need to check out! Connor gives men a platform to discuss any aspect of their lives, including their  relationships, which most of us know is not something most men like to chat about. ManTalks also focuses on  how men can reach their  full potential and how every man can become the best version of themselves.

The ManTalks platform is the bond that can connect people, and provides the catalyst to breakthrough perceived limitations. Connor has built a community of men who want to leave behind more than just an impeccable bank account, they want to leave an impeccable legacy.  

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Connor is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has an eclectic background, ranging from world of opera, to technology, sales and management. Connor has a dynamic personality, unstoppable energy, and charisma to boot. Roger is the Marketing and Branding Director and co-host. He was born and raised in British Columbia. Roger is a creative and loyal soul who is passionately curious. He wants the best for the people around him.