Are you looking for a podcast that rolls out one episode after another with hints of inspiration, motivation, authenticity, creativity, wisdom, and more? Check out The Creative Giant Show, hosted by one of Podfly’s old-timers, Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing. This Creative Giant is a complex man of many words who engages guests with his upbeat energy and enthusiasm. Given his military background, philosophical mindset and experiential expertise on success, Charlie brings complexity yet simplicity to each episode. So the surface level, face value stuff doesn’t really fly with him. You notice this as he dives deep with each interview – Charlie keeps it real, approaching each jam session by letting everything and anything rise to the surface. The range of diversity flourished by guest on his show is pretty impressive, I must admit. You are sure to hear some unique stories on unlocking the full human potential, succeeding without compromising core values, unique leadership styles, staying true to one’s origins, and the full range of the human experience including the good, the bad and the ugly!

To sample all this for yourself, here is The Creative Giant Show Episode 64: What Will You Stand for This Year? With Jeffrey Davis

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I’m out to help people thrive by using their creativity and energy in ways that help themselves, those around them, and the world at large
— Charlie Gilkey

Many thought leaders have joined Charlie on the show to share their journey and valuable insights reaped along the way. What’s more, these people are authentic, they care about having an impact, they lead with compassion and integrity, they thrive by aligning their goals with their values, and they are successful thought leaders. To name a few, Michael Bungay Stainer, the founder and Senior Partner of Box of Crayons, shifts our view on the not so favored profession of coaching, because he spends more time listening to his clients/teaching them than giving them advice. Simply put, listen more, talk less! Laura Novak Meyer, an entrepreneur who’s one of only 3 percent of women business owners to grow their company to over 1 million dollars in revenue, is a living example that it’s possible to scale a business AND stay true to its core values. So you don’t need to sell out to scale up! Kristin Meekhof, a licensed social worker, exemplifies how to triumph in the face of tragic loss and adversity. She went from losing her husband to becoming an author! Jeffry Davis, the CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy, delivers a simple yet powerful message on standing up for your ideals and writing your life story accordingly. How do you want to shape your Story?

From all of us at Podfly, it’s a pleasure to work with Charlie Gilkey and his awesome team. Congrats to everyone at The Creative Giant Show podcast on turning out 66 episodes, with many more in the pipeline!