For additional savings, enter coupon code: Podfly

For additional savings, enter coupon code: Podfly

Celebrate International Podcast Day with Podfly and the rest of the community on September 30th with the hashtag #PodcastDay. Go to social media and spread the word about being a podcaster or being an avid podcast listener. International Podcast Day is all about starting the conversation. 

So, what should you do for International Podcast Day? You can:

  • Grab your mic and camera and ask someone, really anyone, about their favorite podcast and share the response on social media using #podcastday 
  • Join in with the numerous events going on. 
  • Promote by posting the IPD banner image on your website. 
  • Use #podcastday to engage with others worldwide talking about the IPD event 
  • Play the IPD audio or video promo on your show 
  • Change your social media image with the IPD logo 
  • Explain to someone what a podcast is and get them hooked 
  • Share your favorite podcast with someone (coworker, friend, teammate, etc.) 
  • Send feedback to your favorite podcasters and tell them thank you. 
  • Provide a rating and review of the podcast in iTunes or any other platform. 
  • Subscribe to a new show and talk about it using #podcastday 
  • Not a podcaster? Become one! 

Do you want to get to know the podcast community? Then there's no better way than by listening to a podcast about podcasts. We'd love for you to check out Podcast Junkies hosted by Harry Duran. It's a great way to get to know the podcast community and the awesome hosts behind their podcasts. Harry's podcast is incredibly easy going and his conversational style makes it almost effortless to get to know different podcast hosts on a more personal level. He's also a great resource for people wanting to discover new podcasts! Check him out and tell him we say hi. 


About Podfly:

Podfly is a production company that provides premium editing services to podcast shows. We're also more than happy to provide intro and outros for your brand new podcast or do a brand re-haul with your existing podcast. We also provide detailed show note descriptions of your podcast that highlight the best parts of your show. Feel free to contact Podfly or me personally at Ayn(at) for more information. 

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