The Podfly team and I attended Podcast Movement last month and there were some common faces I had seen walk past our booth from the New Media conference we had attended in Las Vegas in April. These particular people came by our booth for the second time, asking the same questions they did in Las Vegas and, guess what, they still didn't have a podcast. Four months had past and they still had nothing to show for it. 


They must be interested in starting a podcast, after all, why attend a New Media conference and a Podcast conference AND stop by a podcast production booth (twice) when you're not interested? We're talking travel time, potential time off from work, paying for the conference, paying for the hotel, paying for your plane ticket or additional gas to get to said conference, and not to mention paying for your time to be there. That's quite an investment for someone who's 'not interested'. 


With all that time and money you've invested in learning and attending conferences, you could have taken that money, made a 1,000 mistakes and you'd still be better off because you would have something to show for it. The only thing you have to show today from attending all these conferences is that you're now a frequent face in the crowd. 

Let me tell you, wolves can smell other animals more than a mile away. That's a fact. Info marketers and other cheap and questionable service providers can smell a dreamer 50 miles away. Dreamers are a billion dollar industry. That's a fact. If you're following the podcast circuit and not making anything of it, you're a dreamer and, guess what, dreamers will eventually get scammed by the wolves. After all, it's only two payments of $42.99 plus a $147 monthly subscription. Not bad, right? 


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