Did you know 3 in 5 podcasters are unhappy with their show introduction? Of course you didn't, because I just made that up. People who consider themselves 'podcasters' usually have more than one title next to their name. Titles like entrepreneur, speaker, and bonafide cult leader are commonplace in the podcasting world. They're busy people with many occupations and sometimes they may not notice how awfully outdated their podcast is. 

Your Show's Subject Has Changed

Maybe you started your podcast out on a whim without knowing what you were doing, but you're an 'expert now' and long gone are the days where you trip over your pants. Your podcast's theme has become a lot like a refined adult that doesn't mix liquor now. Congratulations. But does your podcast reflect that? I bet your podcast acts like a very mature woman, but still dresses like a sleazy 20-year-old and although there's nothing wrong with that if you're happy, I'm going to assume you're not. 

If this is you, then yes, your podcast needs an overhaul. New introductions, new outros, spice up those show notes, get your iTunes description back in order with appropriate keywords and mentions of keynote guests who thought you were cool, and maybe new images. Who knows what else, your podcast is having a mid life crisis; if you want the sports car, you can have it.  

You Started Over a Year Ago

A year is a long time in the internet world and even though you had the raddest, and coolest, and baddest intro out there at the time, it now looks kind of lame, just like your graphics. Your show's format might not be as organized as it could be with new technology out there and what-have-yous. Remember you're a refined, sophisticated, and legit adult, it doesn't have to be this way. You can now afford the belt to your saggy pants. Clean your podcast up a bit and have it reflect the quality you are now producing. 


About Podfly

Podfly is a production company that caters specifically to podcasters. We help clients setup their microphones, produce their intro/outros, edit the show, and provide quality show note descriptions. Feel free to contact us for more.

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