Back in the day, the Greeks had muses. Today, we have the internet. While some may see it as a blessing, it's often considered a curse, especially when there's so many darn cute internet cat photos. Writer's block, podcaster's block, every creative professional has blocks that feel like mountains. The funny thing is, ideas are always around us, even bad ones, and yet our inspirational muse is off eating cheese burgers somewhere. 

When our muse is gone, what do we do? In this fast paced world, we can't vege out and destroy our health the same way our muses are doing. We have to keep searching and looking for gems even when it's dark out. Below are some of the ways you can re-discover yourself and find that next brilliant idea for your podcast, blog, or whatever block you are currently experiencing. 


When we're looking for the next big thing, sometimes someone else's input can help you get there. Sit down and talk to other people in your field (or not in your field) through Skype, email, or face to face with a cup of coffee. Pick their brain on some of the common problems they're facing right now or things they'd like to get a jump start on. What's lacking in your industry? What's currently great in the industry? Who in your business circle can help make it even better? You can also pick the mind of a family member or friend for ideas, but just be aware that it can actually limit your scope of view more than expand it. 

Your Old Ideas

Do you write your ideas down? No? Well, you should, even if you think it might be bad or dumb, impossible, or just outright silly. If you don't write your ideas down, then start doing it from this day forward. Create a log of good, semi good, and maybe stupid (sp?) ideas. That way when your muse disappears, you can go on a mini scavenger hunt back into the past when your muse thought you were the dude who invented fire. 


Sometimes when we stare at a problem too long, the brain stops giving the right solutions. When this happens, it's best to get your mind off of it and explore new areas to see what else is out there. You can volunteer at an orphanage, homeless shelter, or even an animal shelter - who knows, cleaning animal poop could give you some of your best and most innovative ideas. The point is, get out of your sphere and into something unknown, maybe even uncomfortable, and your muse might just wake up from that food coma. 


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