Podfly is happy to announce that Corey Coates and Jessica Rhodes have teamed up to create a 10-part audio series focusing on the art and business of podcasting. The series explores topics including: Podcasting for hobby or business, the podcast community, statistics and demographics, advertising on podcasts, podcast networks, the psychology of podcasting, outsourcing production or doing it yourself, the reaction of broadcast radio, and much more. You can listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on SoundCloud. You can also visit ThePodcastProducers.com to find out more! 

What Is All of This? What Should I Expect? 

Below is a quick breakdown of what you would expect to find and learn in each episode.

Episode One – Is There Anybody Out There? 

The first episode in The Podcast Producer series is about why podcasts are so meaningful to so many people. This episode touches on topics like: What is a Podcast? Who listeners to podcasts? How are people finding podcasts? And more.

Episode Two – Podcasting for Hobby or Business?

Ever wondered who's really making a business out of podcasting? Episode two aims to answer that question. You'll learn how people in the industry got started, why, and if their podcast is seen as 'just a hobby' or something much more. 

Episode Three – The Podcasting Community

The podcasting community has become a very valuable resource to podcasters, but is it incestuous? Meaning, are podcasters only really interviewing other podcasters? There's no doubt that small cliques are beginning to form, but does it really matter in the end? Episode three focuses on the good and the bad of the podcasting community. 

Episode Four – The Psychology of Podcasting

From the outside world, podcasters look very self-absorbed, egocentric, and narcissistic, but is this true? Are podcasters really full of themselves? This episode talks about imposter syndrome, the so-called 'experts' in the industry, and the overall psychology of the podcaster. 

Episode Five – The Stats Conversation

Statistics are a highly talked about subject among the podcasting community and this episode touches on what it all means and why it matters. Episode five focuses on the value of the listener, bad marketing tactics, why there aren't more women in the podcasting space, and more. 

Episode Six – Is Podcasting Another Form of Isolation?

Podcasters interview a variety of different people on a regular basis, but does that mean they're actually developing stronger connections or are they bringing themselves further into isolation? Episode six does a deep dive into the subject and finds out how podcasts can bring people closer together and how technology can bring us further apart.  

Episode Seven – Do It Yourself or Outsource?

As podcasters grow in popularity they are often faced with the question of whether they should outsource some of the more time-consuming parts of the podcast. In this edition, podcasters in the industry give their personal opinions about what they think of outsourcing versus the DIY method. 

Episode Eight – The Network Effect

Episode right explores the topic of podcast networks. What's so great about a podcast network? Should podcasters join a network? And what are some of the pros and cons of joining a network? Daniel J. Lewis of Noodle.mx Network chimes in on this hot topic. 

Episode Nine – Monetize a Podcast with Advertising

Podcasters are often faced with how they can monetize their podcast successfully without alienating their core audience. In episode nine, you'll hear a number of podcasters in the industry struggle with the delicate balance between profit and listenership loyalty, creative ways they monetize their podcast, and more.  

Episode 10 – Will Podcasts Kill the Radio Star? 

For the final installment of The Podcast Producers, this last episode focuses on the podcast medium versus the radio format. Radio broadcasters share their thoughts on where radio is going, how it is necessary to adapt to the new podcast medium, and more. 

Thank You Listeners and Featured Guests! 

On behalf of Podfly, we'd like to thank everyone who has participated and helped with the production of The Podcast Producers. We'd like to thank the lovely Jessica Rhodes and her team for all their hard work in this ten-part series. We'd also like to thank our various guests who have given us the time and their input for the show and, of course, we'd like to thank the listener for supporting the series. Please subscribe and review us on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and SoundCloud if you enjoy it! 


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