What should I talk about? Is podcasting right for me? Is the market too saturated for my topic? These are questions our clients have asked us at one point or another and just as there is such a thing as Writer's Block, there is also such a thing as Podcaster's Block. No one can really tell you what you should or shouldn't talk about on a podcast. After all, it's the freedom to talk about anything and everything that makes podcasting so appealing to so many people. However, if you're having trouble deciding what to talk about on your podcast, maybe the below tips will help you get you on your way. 

Just Start: 

We sometimes tell ourselves we need all the stars, moons, and planets to align correctly before we can do anything. We might feel we need elaborate strategies, enough money, and superior branding before we can take the first step into launching our podcast. I once asked a successful business person if he had made any goals at the start of his business and he said, “Nah, I just did it and figured it out as I went along.” What he said contradicted everything I had read in business magazines, but when I thought about it, it was probably the most useful advice I had ever received. 

You can plan as much as you want, but if you don't do the work, take that first step, then you're never going to get to where you need to be. There's only so much planning you can do and no matter how thorough you are, life will always throw you an unexpected curve ball. By taking a 'figure it out as you go' approach, it will give you the necessary reflexes to react to that unexpected curve ball. 

What should you podcast about? Call up the most interesting person you've met personally or have an online connection with and interview them for 30 minutes to an hour. Boom, you have a show. Wing it for now and then figure out the subject as you go along. 

Fail Quickly, Learn Quicker:

You're never going to find what you're really passionate about if you don't try a variety of new things first. There is no such thing as failure. Read this again, there is no such thing as failure. You have to fail in order to grow. Some of the greatest blessings are born from failures. The problem with the word 'failure' is that many people think it's synonymous with the words 'giving up' and it's not. Fail often, but never give up. 

Still don't know what you should podcast about? Try a bunch of things first, understand when it's not working for you, and then adapt until you find what feels right for you. In the meantime while you experiment, you're also creating new content for the world. It's a win-win situation. 

Innovation expert Jeff DeGraff talks about failing often and learning from it in Jason Hartman's The JetSetter Show episode 80. You can hear him talk about this around the 18:40 timestamp mark. Also at around the 25 minute mark he says, “Never try and fix what doesn’t work, because things don’t work for a million reasons. Try and build on what does work.”

Whenever I need a refresher on why failing is good, I watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's video on him finding success through failure. In the video Dwayne says, “To me, failure has become critical to my growth.” 


About Podfly:

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