Let's face it, our lives are busy. It doesn't matter if you have kids, a demanding job, a sick friend or a bear eating your trash, we're all busy. There is no question that our time is valuable and we're going to fill it up with the things that are most important to us. As busy as we all are, sometimes we need to stop dead in our tracks and remind ourselves what's really important to us instead of trying to fill the void and move on to the next day. Our mind has a nasty habit of trying to distract us with little unrelated tasks so that we don't have to face the biggest one of all – our true life calling. 

What Are Some of the Signs? 

Not sure you really need a mindset shift? Well, I've listed some quick and easy bullet points for your convenience:

  • You keep putting off tasks that are important to you. E.g. Writing that novel, perusing better clients, starting your dream job, etc. 
  • You are rushing through your day or constantly putting out fires. You never seem to have time for anything. 
  • You don't remember the last time you said no.
  • You find yourself daydreaming or distracted. 
  • You feel you're constantly being pulled away from what matters. 

Stop What You're Doing!

If all of the above sounds familiar, then yes, you need a mindset shift. Life isn't that complicated, so let's try and develop good mindset habits to help you get out of this stressed-out world you've put yourself in. 

Do Not Let Fear Own You

Fear is the number one reason why we don't start the things that are important to us. We fear failure, we fear the unknown, and we fear leaving our already pretty-good, but not-great lives behind. How do we overcome fear? Some people take the 'ripping off the band-aid' approach to fear and others prefer dipping their toes into the kiddy pool before swimming into deeper waters. Both approaches work depending on personality and risk tolerance, but let's just say you're not the all-for-one band-aid ripping guy and like to take things slow. 

There will always be some level of fear in your life, especially when you're doing something important.  The trick to managing this fear is to increase all other levels of emotions so that your fear falls to the bottom. For example, if you're so, so, so passionate about something, then the mere thought of you not accomplishing or trying to succeed in your passion will propel you to at least try. The fear is still there, but your 'passion' emotion is higher than your fear which will allows you to over come it. 

When we get scared, we often distract ourselves with unimportant things to try an avoid our passion. Focus on increasing your passion by understanding the why and what it means for your future or the future of those around you that you care about. 

Believe In Your Abilities

There has to be a certain amount of push and confidence in order to achieve your dreams. Very driven people can find that push within themselves after figuring out their why, but if you still need additional pushing then try and find it from people that inspire you. Reach out to people who you consider successful and ask them questions. You can get push from your family and friends too, but at the end of the day, you have to remember that you're the one who needs to do the actual moving. No one else can do that for you. If you sometimes wonder why you're not succeeding, then it just might be because you're in it for all the wrong reasons and it's not what you truly want to do in life. Believe in yourself and believe what your intuition tells you. If you need a push or extra dose of confidence, then don't just stand there wishing or wondering, seek it and find it. 

Not Sure How to Start? 

If you think this is all good advice, but really need some action steps to get the ball rolling, then I suggest you find a time tracking app to help you get started. You have no time, so figure out where your time is going. Toggl.com and RescueTime.com are both free to use and are great place to start. When you know where your time is going after a week or a month of recording, then make active decisions to say no to the things that take up too much time. Delegate tasks if you have to and cut out social circles if they no longer provide benefit to you. You're never going to get your time back, so move forward with each step knowing you made a conscious decision to improve your life and your future. 


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