Our podcasts are incredibly important to us and have practically turned into a very deep and sick romantic relationship. When the podcast grows, so does the staff to help support it, but there are times in a podcaster's life where they have a breaking point. When life gets in the way and the podcast no longer turns into a fun hobby, should you continue to produce content and hire an outsider or should you just quit? 

It's a troubling balance for a lot of podcasters, who often don't make any money creating their podcast. Spending extra $$$ to hire an editor might be the last thing on your mind, but at least consider the time you'd be saving. That extra time can lead you to sponsorship opportunities or dedicating your time to another revenue stream. 

So, should you outsource your podcast to a third party company, a stranger, or a friend? The answer depends on how busy your schedule is and how much your time is worth. If the podcast is no longer enjoyable period, then maybe it's time you quit and tried other subject themes or hobbies. If you love your podcast, but don't like doing certain particulars or a certain task takes too long to produce, then outsource it. 

(Our clients say that by far the most hassle to a podcast is the editing and second to that is writing a compelling description of their podcast after they finish it.) 

If you're worried about shelling out more dough, then there are options for you. There are many people who will help you out just because they love to edit or are a student-in-the-making. You can check out podcast groups on Facebook or go to Twitter seeking for help and new talent. 

However, the only catch to free or low-cost labor is that they might degrade the quality of your podcast and censorship might occur. An editor has the ability to can change the entire meaning and tone of your podcast. A little help can either go a long way to helping you or it can be a big time-consuming disaster to fix. Remember, you get what you pay for, so make sure you have backup systems in place to easily revert back to where you were before you hired (or not hired) an editor. 

For some people editing is the best part of the podcast, for others it's just being on the mic and sharing their voice to the world, but whatever it might be, there are moving parts to the podcast that you simply don't enjoy doing and that's the part you should consider outsourcing. 

About Podfly:
Podfly is a production house that provides editing services as well as show notes for podcasters. If you're at the point in your podcast where outsourcing is a viable option, we hope you consider us. You can always email me at Ayn[at]Podfly.net

Until next time.