Podcasters are filled with optimism when it comes to creating an excellent podcast, but once we get our feet wet, we quickly realize that it's a little more high-maintenance than we had originally planned for. Podfading happens to the best of us, but it's not always bad. We can use podfading as a stepping stone towards bigger and better things. It's not always about the end results, sometimes it's about the discovery process. 

There are a couple of reasons why podcasters podfade:

  •     Trouble finding guests. 
  •     Bored.
  •     It's no longer fun. 
  •     No time. 

These are all pretty valid reasons as to why podcasters stop podcasting. Let's address each one individually. 


Trouble Finding Guests

If you're having trouble finding guests, this can easily be solved by planning ahead of time and scheduling your interviews in bulk. Bulk interviews are a great way to free up your calender and give you an ease of mind for the coming shows ahead. You will be able to produce more consistently and can even travel to fun conferences or take vacations without any breaks in your podcast. If you're still having a hard time, maybe consider hiring a podcast guest booking service or a PA to do the scouting for you. 

Bored with Your Podcast

Do you feel like this topic has already been done before? Have you already expanded heavily on a topic and there's nothing new to learn from it? Maybe your podcast is too niched down and it's time to expand. It's good to focus on the 101, but chances are if you're bored, your audience is too. There are creative ways to expand on a topic without going too far off brand. For example, Creating Wealth hosted by Jason Hartman incorporates subjects like economics and politics into his real estate podcast because those two factors can affect the real estate market. Get some new blood in your podcast to get the excitement going again. 

Podcasting Is No Longer Fun

If it's no longer fun because it's a lot of work, then find ways to outsource the work and keep doing the parts you enjoy. If you're having a hard time preparing the material you need for your podcast, then maybe consider bringing a co-host on to give more depth to the conversation. If you still just absolutely hate it, then yeah, it's time to podfade and call it a day. There's no point carrying on if you don't have a passion for it. Stop what you're doing and refocus on something else.

No Time To Podcast

This is probably the largest reason podcasters have for podfading. Podcasting can become a full time job if you let it, but there are ways to manage that time and help you continue going on. For example, instead of producing a weekly show, try monthly or bi-weekly. Though if you currently have no time, then it means you're prioritizing your time on something else. If you don't make time to podcast, then you won't podcast. 


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