Enter promo code: Podfly

Enter promo code: Podfly

Our voice is the most powerful thing we have. Some of us like to express ourselves in writing while others prefer to speak their mind instead. One of the objections I often hear from people who are still on the fence of starting a podcast is that they don't have a radio voice or a radio personality to really be successful at their own podcast. Some people absolutely hate their voice and feel like they would be terrible at speaking. 

First of all, what really is a radio personality? Very few people have the energetic and flashy voice for morning radio or the subtle storytelling style of Rod Sterling, the creator of The Twilight Zone, without practice. Though, do people really want that voice style when listening to a podcast? Personality should come naturally and it's refined overtime, think Howard Stern and his show. A personality, radio or not, is what attracts people to tune in to your podcast, video, blog, etc. Are you suggesting that you don't have a personality? 

So, let's assume you do have a personality, but you just don't know how to convey it in audio form. This is a fair argument, but to paraphrase the words of Michael Port, average speakers believe they're natural conversationalists. Basically in his interview on the Mindfluence Revolution Podcast EP 30 with Dr. Matthew Norton, it is those who believe they're not good at speaking that prepare profoundly and actually become good conversationalists, so good in fact, that they fool the average person into thinking they're a natural. 

In summary, if you think you don't have a strong voice, nor a strong radio personality, creating a podcast is the perfect way to practice your abilities and turn your weakness into a strength. You'll become a better speaker in person and be able to drive your point across in a clear and effective way just by using your podcast as an outlet to improve yourself.


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Until next time, Ayn.