Podcast hosts can have an alter-ego shift in their personalities when the red light comes on. We might feel we have to be this enthusiastic, over-hyped host so that people will like us and download our show, but what happens when we shift too far into the end-zone and begin to alienate our dedicated followers? 

As you start getting more and more feedback about your podcast, it's hard to find a balance between being yourself and being what others expect you to be or, at least, what they think you are. Our persona can become larger than life and if it's left unchecked, your podcast could become disconnected, tiring, and overall unpleasant. How do you stop this from happening? 

Don't be Afraid to Share Your Struggles

To create a more authentic podcast, you must create an authentic host who is not afraid to show vulnerability. There will be some days where you simply do not feel like you're at your best and those are the best days to show yourself. When you open yourself up to judgment and show people who you really are on your worst days, then you begin a process of growth. You can not fix your struggles if you do not own up to it. If you expose yourself deeply on a podcast, you will find certain members of your audience will reach out to you and give you some sound advice or at least try to. This conversation would have never started if you projected yourself as perfect, flawless, and always right. In order to be authentic, you must be honest with yourself, to your audience, and be willing to grow and learn from that experience. 

Don't Agree for the Sake of Agreeing. 

It can be tempting to love and adore your guest speaker and to put them on a pedestal when they come on your show, but in order to reach a certain amount of respect with your guest and your audience, you have to let them know your true feelings. Do not be afraid to expand on topics where you and your guest disagree. Yes, there may be many other topics the two of you could touch on, but sometimes playing devil's advocate is what makes the show real and personal. An audience loves to hear both sides of the coin, so don't be afraid to get people on your show who aren't high in your must-meet list. 

Remember to Forgive Yourself

We're not perfect and we will slip up. There will be times where we will act inauthentic in order to meet certain demands or please certain people. When you find yourself doing this, remember to forgive yourself and that tomorrow is another day to be better and to start fresh. It's important to not hold a grudge about it. Remember, it's a learning experience and a process. Take off the mask and let others see it. This can be exhausting and unpleasant at times, but it's often worth it. 

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