Ever heard the saying, 'Content is King'? Well, it's true, which is why you should stop what you're doing and listen (read) up. 

It doesn't take an extreme genius or guru to tell you where you're failing in your content strategy, but sometimes it can be hard to see what's wrong with your content from the executive chair and get the ever-so-deserved fans you're looking for. This article touches on everything you're doing wrong with your content and why you need to shape up for the new year in order to get the right following and advertising you want. 

No Clear Goal

God, I know, goals, but there's a reason why the most successful people in the world have goals written down on their wall like a crazy person. Some people need to be reminded of their end-goal on a monthly basis, some need it weekly, and then there's the rest of us that need it daily. Don't produce content that isn't inline with your podcasting goals. These goals can be very broad or very specific, but I would recommend to have one goal and break it down to either 3 or 5 very specific topics that you can easily write or talk about. 

If you can't write or talk about what's inline with these 3 or 5 things, then discard it, edit it, or bend the rules and make it so; at least when you're making a conscious effort to break the rules, you save yourself from the unconscious effort of sabotaging your content. I'd take this option over thoughtless dabble any day. 

Not Simple or Easy Enough

Maybe you don't have a PhD in playing the kazoo, but it sure reads like you do. Stop and break it down. Get ready to kill run-on sentences, big words, and other fancy table decorations. Still not sure you've done the job? Go to http://read-able.com/ or another similar website to test if your writing is grade school compatible. Remember, we're in the day and age where Twitter is popular. Writing in 140 characters is popular! So, with this in mind, make it simple, make it short, and try not to cheapen yourself while you do. You can master this very particular balance with practice! 

The same rules are a bit more difficult to apply when talking on your podcast. The only tip I can share with you here is that you don't need to simplify your speech, but you do need to speak with spirit and enthusiasm. Don't sound like your dead, try and limit those run-on sentences, and your verbal podcast content will be improved. 

Boring show titles

What can your readers/listeners take away from just reading your headline? Why do they want to click it? Try to think about this aspect every time you write your headlines. What makes your content attractive to listeners? Headlines are your selling points to your podcast, so it's important not to skimp on this! You could add in a popular keyword or search term that your demographic is searching for to make it more enticing. The days of [podcast name – podcast episode number – guest] are long over. Remember search engines can't hear yet, so they need your help in understanding what's in your show to help make it more searchable. 

You Dread It

You weren't born a writer. In fact, if writing was cooking, you'd have accidentally set your pen and paper on fire. After all, that's why you got into podcasting, right? Yeah, I get you. Again, content is king and this is something you simply shouldn't avoid. Writers block and all that, I get it, but who said you gotta be the writer to do the grunt work in the first place? Oh, because you're worried it'll cheapen your brand and destroy your true authentic self? Is that better or worse than having your content suck beyond all oblivion? Before you set yourself up for all the pitfalls and why you may think you're destroying your 'true self', think about how other successful people in the industry do it. Sometimes outsourcing is the only successful way to get more things done, especially outsourcing all the little bits and pieces you dread, hate, despise, and aren't good at. 

By the way, if you dread the very idea of producing compelling content, Podfly (us!) will do it for you for a fantastically appealing fee that will blow your pants off. Yeah. Your pants. Off. 


About Podfly

Podfly is both a pre and post production company catering to podcasts and podcasters all around the world. We have a team of professional audio engineering that pride themselves on not setting your content on fire. We also have on-staff writers who would be more than happy to create specular headlines and show notes for you too! All you have to do is contact either Ayn@podfly.net or go to our contact us page. 

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