If you are new to the concept of podcasting, it can sometimes be hard to see at a first glance what makes Podcasting so unique and enjoyable. There are many reasons why anybody should get into podcasting, but I'd like to point out just a few to help peek your interest and hopefully get you motivated to listen to a podcast or two or even start your own.

Podcasts Are Easy To Start

Chances are you already have a microphone attached or built-in to your computer. Although the quality of your recording might not be all that impressive at first, you are still capable of creating a podcast within hours of deciding to do so with minimal costs to you. Podcasting requires very little start-up investment, which makes it easy for anyone to start their own podcast and test the waters.

Connect With Others

Everybody's podcast has a very specific niche or theme to it, which makes it great for you to connect with others who share the same interests from around the globe. When you listen to a podcast that has a thriving community behind it, you can reach out to new people and develop stronger friendships.

Be An Expert

When you podcast about your favorite topics – topics that you are truly passionate about, you have unknowingly given yourself a certain level of authority that people can respect and follow. By just doing what you love, you will get people following you on a weekly basis and even ask you questions about your podcast's theme. Unless you decide to delete your podcast, your work will remain on the internet forever and will still generate listeners even years after it has ended.

Great For Business

A bunch of businesses understand the benefits of podcasting and are producing regular shows to help their customers use their products. For example, Wordpress has a podcast that gives helpful tips on how to use their software and other interesting tutorials. Pandora has a great podcast about music. And even Evernote, a software platform that can save ideas and share it to co-workers and friends, has a podcast where the CEO is often featured answering user questions. This helps connect people and bring them behind a brand that they can trust and promote. Seriously, how often do you get your questions answered by one of the top guys in a business?

You Can Multitask

People who have a long commute often use that empty time by listening to podcasts on the way to work or school. You can walk your dog or even cook in your kitchen and still have an interesting podcast playing in the background without it interfering with your routine or schedule. 

Listen On Your Own Time

Another great thing about podcasting is that it doesn't force you into a time slot the way mainstream TV and radio do. You can listen to a podcast whenever it's convenient for you and enjoy the content being produced without missing a single episode.

Extra Income

The more people hear about you, the easier it is to promote what you're doing and generate sales. If you have a new book coming out and a great podcast following, chances are people will go out and buy that book just to support you. You can also make extra money just by contacting sponsors who are relevant to the type of podcast you do. Are you a Marine Biologist? Contact a scuba gear or camera store to help sponsor you and generate a small income that way.


As you can see, there are many benefits to starting or even listening to podcasts. You can find a podcast on any subject and you can easily create your own to fill any gaps in between. When you create a podcast, you give yourself full creative control and it can be a great way to break out from the everyday, boring routine.


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