There are many ways a new podcaster can monetize on his podcast, even before he has a huge following. Although there is no denying that the bigger the viewership, the easier it is to pitch potential companies about sponsoring you; it should not deter you from at least looking at the big players in the market that can help you. When you're first starting out, there are actually a lot of options you can take to monetize your podcast and cover your initial costs.

The Game Plan

You don't need superpowers to find a small sponsor in the beginning, but you do need a game plan. Start by writing down all the relevant products that tie closely with your podcast topic. For example, if your podcast is about dog grooming, what kind of services or products surround that niche? Shampoo, nail clippers, special dog food or dog treats, vets, shelters, etc.

Pitch To Store Owners

Once you have comprised your special list, go down to one of your local stores that contains your products in mind and and pitch your podcast idea to the store owner. You don't have to get them to commit to a large amount. $50 dollars a month is a small number that any business owner can get behind. Advertising with a podcast is cheaper than commercial advertising and once you've said their store in your podcast, it will be there in the archives for years. You can do this with several different local businesses or if you're not comfortable with speaking to someone face-to-face, you can email small internet stores or blogs and generate buzz that way. With just a little bit of initial effort, the next thing you know you could be making at least $250 a month on sponsorship and you don't even have an audience yet.

Website Advertisement

Remember, there are a ton of other ways you can make money too. You can link to products who have a great affiliate program, like Amazon, so whenever someone decides to buy a product based on your recommendation, you get a commission off of their purchase. You can add advertisement banners to your website and give another price point to your already-existing or new sponsors.

You can also use Google ads to help take care of all the extra work for you. This is a good option if you want to you take out the hassle of bringing in a new sponsor, however you will see very little financial gain from that in the beginning. You will also need a good amount of content on your page before Google can consider you to be a good candidate.

Tracking Is Important

It's important to track who views your website. The viewer's location, their age, and gender all play an important role in the future. This information will give you a better idea of who your market is and it will be something bigger companies will want to know. There are several plugins that can help you with this for your website. And when it comes to your podcasting stats, Libsyn offers its members a great breakdown of podcast downloads too.

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