Script Examples

Script #1 - Corporate


Welcome to Pulse On Air, the official podcast of the Pulse Business Alliance, a nonprofit coalition of leading companies dedicated to improving social, environmental and ethical conditions in their global supply chains. And now, your host. 

(note: host will be revolving, so no name here)


Thank you for listening to Pulse On Air. To learn more about the Pulse Business Alliance, its initiatives, programs and tools, please visit our website at Pulse Business dot org and follow us on social media at PB Alliance Org.


Script #2 - Interview-Based


Welcome to Dear Creative Director, a podcast connecting the photography and video community with creative directors. Drawing on her agency experience some years ago, photography agent Mandy Stone, penned an open letter to creative directors discussing the finer points of working with one another. This podcast takes that idea and will introduce you to different creative directors, share the stories of their diverse career paths, explore what it means to stay relevant and examine industry topics such as marketing, estimating, directing, websites and more.

Script #3 - Branded

Welcome to Brands Talk, where we feature interviews with shoppers, sellers, and team members from the world's most entertaining mobile shopping marketplace. The fun awaits!


Audio Examples

"Soft Sell" Intros

Our creative team and voice over artists create light-hearted, low intensity intros with backing music for podcasters looking for a warm and welcoming introduction to their show.

"Medium Sell" intros

Many of Podfly's clients are looking for a higher intensity introduction to set the right tone for their podcast listener, or "avatar". Our team works with you to refine your scripting and assists in selecting the best licensed music to match your audio brand and message.

"Hard Sell" intros

Podcasters are often looking for a high-impact, intense introduction for their show. Our producers have created dozens of "hard sell" intros and outros for podcasts, radio shows, and television programs.