Podcast editing isn’t just work for me, it is my passion. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and currently reside in NYC. Being a millennial, musician, and technically savvy is what lead me to my passion in radio and altemently podcasting. I have produced, edited, and engineered radio content for WRHU 88.7FM, Required Radio, and various Sirius XM channels such as but not limited to Shade45, BackSpin, and Fly. I have also done some work with record labels in uptown Charlotte, NC such as BNR Records and Catalyst Records. Among my studio work I have worked with the Commision On Presidential Debates for the 2016 Elections as a National Media Productions assistant and I am also a freelance Audio Visual Technician.

Bios coming soon...


As a lifelong learner I love listening to podcasts so I realized, "Hey! Why don't I write podcast notes?" I've been copywriting for a few years, work as an administrative assistant for a site for moms, and as a health coach, all while being a mother of five. The days are full, but as long as I can squeeze in a hike, some family time, and a good book then life is good. 


After attending audio engineering school in Los Angeles, I relocated to NYC, where I currently reside. My love and appreciation for music is originally what sparked my interest in sound, but my fascination for human experience, stories, and news has led me to podcasting. When I’m not podcasting my time is spent producing music, DJing, and enjoying the great outdoors!


I've been involved with video and audio production for about 10 years. Started off with a 60+ episode infotainment webseries where I had tons of fun writing scripts and acting. My first love has always been sound and music and I moved into podcasts because making one sound perfect is just the kind of auditory puzzle I crave!


I am Soledad, I'm originally from Argentina and currently living in Costa Rica. I'm a psychologist, a Spanish-English translator and also an Educator. I joined the Podfly family 7 months ago, and I love the literary part of writing notes! 


Hi! I am Tim McGowan, copywriter and proof reader. I have always loved to read and write. I have been writing for Podfly for about a year. I enjoy listening to podcasts and distilling their key points and highlights into print. My years of experience in advertising and management have helped me learn to use text effectively. I strive to take great care in writing and proof reading podcast show notes, so that the audience receives consistently appealing, clear, and professional show information.


Hi!!!! Feel free to change up or add pretend jobs or titles haaaaaa it's all a cosmic joke!! 

ALSO i love love love what I am doing at Podfly and it's one of the best things in a few years that I've co created with peeps! <3   

Meryl Klemow is a podcaster, writer and aspiring professional animal kisser. She joined the Podfly team as a copywriter after adding her own podcast, " What's Up at the Belly Up", on the Podfly show roster and felt inspired to do more within the Podfly family once she saw the company's values and forward momentum. She is a true podcast fan and loves all angles of the medium from hosting to marketing to social media engagement. Meryl lives in San Diego, CA and also writes and books talent for the local TV show, "Tonight in San Diego." She herself has podcasted with interesting personalities as CeeLo Green, Mick Fleetwood, Matisyahu and Jimmy Buffett. 


Say hi to her on instagram, twitter or facebook - @MerylKlemow or meryl@podfly.net


Hi there! I'm one of the original members of the Podfly team when it was first founded in 2014. I started my career as a web developer and graphic designer, but have now transitioned into SEO writing and podcasting! You can read some of my work on the Podfly blog. I'm also the founder of the Epic Fail Project, where I have deep dive discussions with failures. Feel free to email me at Ayn@podfly.net with any questions you might have or to even just say hi! 


I lived and worked for 10 years as an Audio engineer and producer in Nashville, Tn. I have seen and done everything from rock to jazz, country, and dialog.


Hello there - my name is Chad Newman, born and raised in rural Ontario Canada.   I have had a passion for sound and music my entire life.   I graduated from Recording Arts Canada (digital arts college in Toronto Ontario) at the top of my class.  Upon graduating I was brought on by Podfly and have been editing and making podcasts sound fresh and polished ever since.


I’ve always had big dreams. In my teens, I was going to follow in Steve Martin’s footsteps and make the world a funnier place as a comedian. But after a couple of ‘what my family calls’ inappropriate routines, I set my sights on radio. I attended a trade-focused Broadcasting course after high school and was thrilled when I landed the graveyard shift at WCVG, an AM station that played only Elvis Presley, all day every day.

During the 90’s I survived the long nights of big-hair-metal-mania only to be thrust into the corporate world selling internet pipes and professional IT services. After years of moving up the corporate ladder, I found myself in a sales meeting with a law firm being chewed out for something I had no control over and decided there had to be something more. I ended up selling everything I owned, joining Peace Corps, and living for 3 years in a mud hut with no electricity and no running water in Tanzania.  

After serving my country, I returned to the corporate world only to be disillusioned with materialism yet again. And since 2010, I have been living on my sustainable jungle farm in Costa Rica writing for the local paper and creating show notes for podcasts.