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Title: How Not to Lose Money in Angel Investing with Josh Maher

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Subtitle: Josh Maher teaches the audience how to avoid losing a large amount of your investments at the very beginning. 

Introduction: Josh Maher is the fund manager for the Seattle Angel Conference and the author of the book Startup Wealth. Josh has interviewed a number of successful full-time angel investors for his book, and on today’s show he shares valuable information on what he has learned from these amazing people. Josh believes that most angel investors fall into three broad categories: you are either a vision investor, a value investor, or an alternative investor. He also shares two important tips on how you can save yourself from losing a lot of money at the beginning of your angel career. 


Key Takeaways:

[02:10] How did Josh get started in angel investing? 

[03:50] Starting out is always a little scary. 

[07:30] Angel investors come from a variety of different backgrounds. 

[14:20] Josh believes he's more of a value investor. 

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[17:35] Who are the angel investors Josh interviewed for his book? 

[22:00] What is the definition of an angel investor? 

[24:50] How do angel investors really make money in startups? 

[29:35] Is angel investing really like a second or third job? 

[33:35] The great thing about angel investing is you know who the founders are. 

[37:30] What kind of challenges will angel investors face? 

[40:35] You really need a mentor or a good educational resource when you're first starting out. 

[41:00] Josh gives a shout out to Booktrope. 

[44:35] Josh shares additional resources. 

[47:15] Feel free to follow Josh on Twitter @JoshMaher. 


Mentioned In This Episode:



Twitter: @JoshMaher



The first investment is always tough.” 

Momentum investors see a future that doesn't exist and they're going to go invest in it.” 

Follow through and support your portfolio companies beyond just your capital investment.