Will I get to "meet" my producer?

Yes! Podfly personally matches you with one of our talented producers. You are able to communicate directly with your producer on any questions, concerns, or general production notes you have before the edit. Additionally, your producer may reach out from time to time to verify information, let you know about something you may have missed, or even how you might want to improve your audio and performance.

Do I have to tell the producer what to do for every episode?

Nope. Though you are welcome to add production notes and requests, your producer edits your podcast to your specifications and established format. You can simply record your segments, upload them to the studio, and rest easy that your producer knows exactly what to do. 

Does the producer listen to the whole show?

Absolutely! We go minute-by-minute through the entire episode to ensure continuity, flow, and remove any glaring errors or glitches. 

Is there a maximum length? Is there a minimum?

Depending on your Podfly Plan, there can a maximum length. On average, Podfly Plans are based on episodes 45 minutes in length. Batch editing plans for shorter episodes are available. 

Will my producer help me improve?

Yes! The team of Podfly producers are certified audio engineers and producers with extensive experience in both broadcast media and podcasting. Simply put, they listen to podcasts all day long and want our clients to sound their best. We are here to make suggestions, set up consultations, and provide tips and best practices to keep you improving each and every episode.